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Hey fellow food explorers, let’s embark on a flavor-packed journey as we delve into the culinary heaven of Donosti, an authentic experience of Basque cuisine. Join me as we explore the charm and taste that make Donosti a must-visit haven for any discerning palate.

Donosti Menu Philippines Updated

Albondigas En Salsa Espa₱ 675.00
Boquerones En Vinagre₱ 985.00
Butifarra₱ 650.00
Callos A La Madrile₱ 650.00
Cantimpalitos₱ 550.00
Carpaccio De Cecina Con Parmesano₱ 935.00
Chorizo Iberico₱ 935.00
Chuletitas De Lechal₱ 1750.00
Cordero Lechal -Por Cuartos₱ 1350.00
Croquetas De Jamon Iberico₱ 350.00
Ensalada De Queso De Cabra₱ 450.00
Ensalada Mimosa₱ 675.00
Fuet De Vic₱ 750.00
Gambas Al Ajillo₱ 375.00
Huevos Estrellados Con Chorizo Picadillo₱ 550.00
Huevos Estrellados Con Jamon₱ 750.00
Jamon Iberico₱ 1500.00
Longanissa De Vic₱ 750.00
Lubina A La Bilba₱ 985.00
Merluza A La Gallega₱ 875.00
Pastel De Zanahoria Con Helado De Coco₱ 225.00
Pulpo A La Gallega₱ 795.00
Setas Empanadas Con Alioli Madrile₱ 300.00
Tarta De Santiago₱ 285.00
Tortilla Brava₱ 350.00
Tortilla Con Chorizo₱ 425.00
Photo Credit: Donosti Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Donosti Facebook Page
Barollo Classico₱ 4125.00
Envoy Bottle₱ 1795.00
Envoy Glass₱ 400.00
Le Altanza₱ 1500.00
Naiades₱ 3495.00
Sila Mencia 2010₱ 1850.00
Sons Of Eden₱ 2950.00
The Chocolate Block₱ 3100.00
Tre 2009 Bottle₱ 2450.00
Tre 2009 Glass₱ 400.00
Woodstock Bottle₱ 2625.00
Woodstock Glass₱ 350.00
Photo Credit: Donosti Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Donosti Facebook Page

About Donosti

Step into the heart of authentic Spanish cuisine at Donosti – the epitome of the best tapas bar in Manila. Nestled in a serene, romantic, yet cozy ambiance, this culinary haven serves traditional Basque recipes and boasts the title for the best sangrias in town. With a calm, clean, and relaxing atmosphere, it’s the perfect setting to savor exquisite dishes, spend quality time, or engage in heartfelt conversations. The attentive and accommodating crews ensure a dining experience that transcends culinary excellence.

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Donosti’s Menu Best Seller

Prepare your palate for an unforgettable culinary expedition as we unveil the crowning glory of Donosti’s menu. You can’t come and leave this haven without trying these dishes:

  • Paella Negpa – Dive into the rich flavors of Paella Negra at Donosti – a seafood-infused rice dish enveloped in squid ink, offering a captivating symphony of textures and savory goodness that will transport you straight to the heart of Spanish culinary excellence.
  • Sopa Pescado y Marisco – Savor the ocean’s bounty in a bowl with Sopa Pescado y Marisco. Donosti’s seafood soup is a harmonious blend of fresh catch, aromatic herbs, and a broth so flavorful, it’s a comforting embrace that elevates your palate.
  • Croissant De Jamon – Embrace the perfect marriage of flaky pastry and savory treat with Croissant De Jamon. Donosti’s rendition of this classic features a buttery, golden croissant filled with premium jamon, creating a heavenly experience for your breakfast or brunch cravings.
  • Spanish Salpicao – Elevate your dining experience with Spanish Salpicao, a captivating dish that marries succulent meat with Spanish flair. Each juicy, perfectly seasoned bite is a celebration of flavor that showcases Donosti’s commitment to authentic and delectable Spanish cuisine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Donosti located?

Ground Flr, NAC Tower, 32nd St, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines

Is The Pig & Palm accepting reservations?

Yes, Donosti does accept reservations. To secure your table, you can make reservations by calling their reservation hotline at [0917 849 2205] or by visiting their social media account.

Does Donosti offer a brunch menu?

Donosti is dedicated to providing a diverse culinary experience, and yes, it does offer a wonderful brunch menu. From classics like Croissant De Jamon to inventive Spanish treats, it’s a perfect way to start your day in a culinary journey through Spain.

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Can you tell us more about Donosti’s signature drink, the sangria?

Donosti takes pride in serving the best sangrias in Manila. This amazing Spanish beverage is a refreshing blend of red wine, assorted fruits, and a touch of brandy. It adds a delicious burst and elevates the whole meal experience, making it the ideal accompaniment.

What makes Donosti the best spot for Spanish cuisine?

Donosti stands out as the epitome of Spanish culinary excellence, renowned for serving traditional Basque recipes and boasting the best tapas bar in Manila. Its charming ambiance and relaxed atmosphere make it a top choice for those seeking an authentic taste of Spain.

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