Elar’s Lechon Menu Prices

Looking for a crispy outside and melt-in-your-mouth inside Lechon? Stop there, and look! Elar’s Lechon is now here which guarantees your best experience and unforgettable dining with them. Join me as we delve into the delectable world of Elar’s and uncover the secrets behind its acclaimed lechon perfection.

Elar’s Lechon Menu Philippine Updated

1 Kg₱ 1,400.00
1/2 Kg₱ 750.00
1/4 Kg₱ 380.00
3/4 Kg₱ 1,130.00
Head₱ 550.00
Pata₱ 300.00
Photo Credit: Elar’s Facebook Page
1 Gal₱ 2,600.00
1/2 Gal₱ 1,300.00
5 Pax₱ 850.00
Solo₱ 170.00
Photo Credit: Elar’s Facebook Page
150Ml₱ 51.00
250Ml₱ 62.00
473Ml₱ 73.00
887Ml₱ 83.00
1 Gal₱ 2,400.00
1/2 Gal₱ 1,200.00
5 Pax₱ 800.00
Solo₱ 170.00
Photo Credit: Elar’s Facebook Page
20 Kilos (25-30 Pax)₱ 11,500.00
25 Kilos (30-50 Pax)₱ 12,500.00
30 Kilos (40-60 Pax)₱ 14,000.00
35 Kilos (50-70 Pax)₱ 15,000.00
40 Kilos (60-80 Pax)₱ 16,000.00
Photo Credit: Elar’s Facebook Page

About Elar’s Lechon

Founded in 1970 by Jose Lontoc in Quezon City, Elar’s Lechon has become a culinary institution, now expertly managed by his daughters Josefina Portillo and Dolores Santos. What began as a family tradition of roasting lechon for celebrations evolved into a thriving business. Their commitment to quality led Jose, an engineer, to create a mechanical roasting system, ensuring each pig is cooked to perfection. Elar’s Lechon, established in 1972, not only guarantees the finest lechon but also emphasizes the importance of a superior supply of native pigs for an unmatched culinary experience.

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Elar’s Lechon’s Menu Best Seller

Brace yourselves for an exquisite journey through flavors as we delve into the divine realm of Elar’s Lechon’s Best Sellers, where every dish is a masterpiece waiting to enchant your palate.

  • Lechon – Enjoy the epitome of crispy perfection with Elar’s signature lechon. Succulent, with a crackling skin that echoes expertise, it’s a taste of Filipino tradition elevated to culinary brilliance.
  • Pork Sisig – Savor the symphony of flavors in Elar’s Pork Sisig – a harmonious blend of savory and spicy, each bite is a culinary crescendo that will leave your senses craving an encore.
  • Beef Ribs Nilaga – Fall in love with comfort in a bowl with Elar’s Beef Ribs Nilaga. The tender beef, paired with hearty vegetables and flavorful broth, is a warm embrace on a chilly day, promising a soul-soothing experience.
  • Kare-Kare – Elevate your palate with Elar’s Kare-Kare, a symphony of rich peanut sauce and tender oxtail. Every mouthful is a medley of tastes and textures, showcasing the culinary excellence that distinguishes Elar’s Lechon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Elar’s Lechon stand out from others?

Elar’s Lechon stands out for its decades-long commitment to perfection. With a unique roasting system, a blend of tradition and innovation, and a dedication to sourcing the finest native pigs, every bite reflects their unwavering pursuit of culinary excellence.

Is Elar’s Lechon available for delivery services?

In contrast to all other well-known and delectable restaurants in the Philippines, Elar’s Lechon menu isn’t offered on Grabfood or Foodpanda. However, you can still order directly to them over their hotline and have the lechon you’ve always desired in the comfort of your own home.

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151 Quezon Avenue – (02) 8732 4116

LG/F, Fisher Mall – 23521255

Are Lechons only available pre-order?

No. Every day, chopped lechon is available. First come, first served, while supplies last only.

What is Elar’s Lechon operating hours?

151 Quezon Avenue – Open daily, 9:00AM to 3:00PM

LG/F, Fisher Mall – Open Daily, 10:00AM to 8:00PM

Can I order Elar’s Lechon for special events or catering?

Yes, Elar’s Lechon caters to special events! Whether it’s a family gathering, corporate event, or celebration, you can elevate your occasion with their iconic lechon and a selection of other delectable dishes.

Social Media Pages

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elarslechon/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elarslechon/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/elarslechon/

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