Eat Sleep Burger Menu Prices

Hey there, foodies! Let’s talk about a burger joint that’s turning heads and captivating palates – the Eat Sleep Burger. Trust me when I say, this place isn’t just about burgers; it’s a one-of-a-kind experience that’ll have you craving more with every bite. From juicy patties to mouthwatering toppings, Eat Sleep Burger is a haven for burger lovers who are ready to embark on a flavor adventure like no other!

Eat Sleep Burger Menu Philippines Updated

Bacon Mushroom & Cheese Quarter Pounder₱ 115.00
Bbq Bacon Quarter Pounder₱ 115.00
Breakfast Special Quarter Pounder₱ 115.00
Chilicon Crane Quarter Pounder₱ 90.00
Double Cheese Quarter Pounder₱ 85.00
Double Quarter Pounder₱ 115.00
Hawaiian Quarter Pounder₱ 125.00
Hungarian Sausage₱ 90.00
Single Quarter Pounder₱ 75.00
Triple Quarter Pounder₱ 165.00
Truffle Bacon & Mushroom Quarter Pounder₱ 115.00
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Bacon₱ 11.00
Belgian Fries₱ 45.00
Burger Patty₱ 55.00
Chicken Nuggets₱ 45.00
Chili Con Carne₱ 30.00
Fried Egg₱ 15.00
Mushrooms₱ 20.00
Nachos₱ 40.00
Sliced Cheese₱ 15.00
Sliced Ham₱ 20.00
Veggies₱ 15.00
Photo Credit: Eat Sleep Burger Facebook Page
7Up₱ 28.00
Bottled Water₱ 20.00
Mountain Dew₱ 28.00
Pepsi₱ 28.00
Bacon Mushroom & Cheese Quarter Pounder₱ 180.00
Bbq Bacon Quarter Pounder₱ 180.00
Chilicon Crane Quarter Pounder₱ 155.00
Chilicon Crane Quarter Pounder₱ 180.00
Double Cheese Quarter Pounder₱ 150.00
Double Quarter Pounder₱ 180.00
Hawaiian Quarter Pounder₱ 190.00
Hungarian Sausage₱ 155.00
Single Quarter Pounder₱ 140.00
Triple Quarter Pounder₱ 230.00
Truffle Bacon & Mushroom Quarter Pounder₱ 180.00
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Bbq Sauce₱ 20.00
Cheese Sauce₱ 20.00
Honey Mustard₱ 20.00
Truffle Sauce₱ 20.00

About Eat Sleep Burger

Welcome to Eat Sleep Burger, renowned for its title as the home of the Best Flame Grilled Cheese Burger in the South! With three branches available, including the flagship location situated at 270 National Road, Bayanan, Muntinlupa City, patrons can expect a gourmet burger experience unlike any other. Operating hours extend from 3:00 PM to 11:30 PM, providing ample time for guests to take pleasure in their diverse menu offerings. Joining me in here promises an exploration of amazing treats that cater to various tastes and preferences.

Eat Sleep Burger’s Menu Best Seller

Get ready to embark on a mouthwatering adventure with Eat Sleep Burger’s Menu Best Seller – where every bite feels like a delicious hug from your favorite comfort food.

  • Barbeque Bacon Quarter Pounder – Take pleasure in the ultimate savory goodness with the Barbecue Bacon Quarter Pounder – juicy, flame-grilled perfection topped with crispy bacon and tangy barbecue sauce, creating a flavor explosion that will leave you craving more.
  • Chili con Carne Quarter Pounder – Prepare for a spicy sensation with the Chili con Carne Quarter Pounder – a hearty patty topped with rich and flavorful chili, melted cheese, and fresh toppings, delivering a satisfying kick with every bite.
  • Truffle Bacon & Mushroom Quarter Pounder – Elevate your burger experience with the Truffle Bacon & Mushroom Quarter Pounder – a gourmet masterpiece featuring succulent beef, crispy bacon, earthy mushrooms, and decadent truffle aioli, creating a unique flavor that will amaze your senses.
  • Hawaiian Quarter Pounder – Transport your palates to the tropics with the Hawaiian Quarter Pounder – a wonderful combination of juicy beef, sweet pineapple, tangy teriyaki sauce, and melted cheese, delivering a burst of island flavor with every bite.
  • Bacon Mushroom & Cheese Quarter Pounder – Savor the classic combination of bacon, mushrooms, and cheese with the Bacon Mushroom & Cheese Quarter Pounder – a timeless favorite featuring a juicy patty topped with crispy bacon, sautéed mushrooms, and melted cheese, creating a burger experience that’s simply irresistible.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Eat Sleep Burger located?

Eat Sleep Burger has 3 branches located in Tunasan Muntinlupa, Bayanan Muntinlupa, and San Pedro Laguna.

What is Eat Sleep Burger’s operating hours?

Operating hours vary across branches, but they typically operate from 3 PM to 11:30 PM.

Is Eat Sleep Burger available for delivery?

Yes. You can place your order for delivery at Eat Sleep Burger via FoodPanda.

Does Eat Sleep Burger offer other dishes on their menu aside from burgers?

Yes, in addition to their mouthwatering burgers, Eat Sleep Burger offers a variety of other delicious options on their menu. Guests can enjoy rice meals, crispy fries, loaded nachos, and a selection of refreshing beverages to complement their meals.

Does Eat Sleep Burger require reservations?

Eat Sleep Burger typically operates on a walk-in basis, welcoming guests without the need for reservations. However, for larger groups, reservations can be made by contacting them directly at 0930-330-8853 or through their social media pages.

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