Egg Drop MNL Menu Prices

Hey foodies, come together for a game-changer in the Metro’s food scene: Egg Drop MNL, a revolutionary concept in the Metro’s culinary scene that provides the purest, handcrafted, premium egg drops sandwiches that you will never find anywhere else. Prepare yourself to enjoy sandwiches to a whole new level thanks to its innovative concept!

Egg Drop MNL Menu Philippines Updated

Breakfast Spam Egg₱ 296.00
Crispy Fish Fillet₱ 330.00
Double Bacon Cheese₱ 261.00
Egg Drop₱ 209.00
Garlic Bacon Cheese₱ 244.00
Grilled Chicken Pesto₱ 330.00
Photo Credit: Egg Drop MNL Facebook Page
Iced Caramel₱ 174.00
Iced Coffee Jelly₱ 217.00
Iced Hazelnut₱ 174.00
Iced Vanilla₱ 174.00
Photo Credit: Egg Drop MNL Facebook Page
Mango₱ 217.00
Strawberry₱ 217.00
Photo Credit: Egg Drop MNL Facebook Page
Hot Americano (For Reference)₱ 122.00
Hot Creamy Coffee₱ 139.00
Blueberry & Lychee₱ 174.00
Passion Fruit & Lychee₱ 174.00
Strawberry & Lychee₱ 174.00

About Egg Drop MNL

The best place for healthy sandwich selections is Egg Drop MNL. It is a sanctuary for people looking for tasty and nourishing meals, with a menu that includes Egg-citing, Egg-streme, and Egg-squisite sandwiches. Egg Drop MNL has been a quick hit since it launched thanks to its affordable rates, which appeal to consumers on a tight budget. Come on over for a fulfilling and health-conscious meal!

Egg Drop MNL Best Sellers

Explore the incomparable menu item at Egg Drop MNL, which guarantees a flavor-filled encounter you won’t soon forget!

  • Egg Drop – This dish, which is soothing and amazing at any time of day, offers an explosion of tastes with perfectly cooked eggs nested between soft bread. It’s an easy but delicious option that makes you want more when you add a little spice.
  • Premium Ham Cheese – Layers of premium ham and gooey cheese create a harmonic blend of salty and creamy pleasure in each bite. When you’re craving a traditional sandwich with a fancy touch, this is the place to go because of the high-quality ingredients that really stand out.
  • Double Bacon Cheese – For a genuinely decadent treat, savor double the pleasure with heaping servings of crispy bacon and melting cheese between toasted bread. Savory flavors explode in every bite, leaving you utterly content and hankering for more.
  • The Hungover Sandwich – Refresh your senses with this substantial combination of eggs, bacon, cheese, and a hint of spice, designed to satisfy desires and get your day started with a rush of taste. It’s the ultimate comfort food, calming the body and the mind, ideal for lazy mornings or evenings spent out.
  • Breakfast Spam Egg – Start your day off right with the delicious goodness of spam and perfectly fried eggs nestled between pieces of bread for a filling meal on the run. It’s a tasty and practical choice that’s full of protein and perfect for hectic mornings or anytime hunger hits.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What hours does Egg Drop MNL operate?

Egg Drop MNL is open from 10:00 AM to 8:45 PM, Monday to Sunday.

What location is Egg Drop MNL?

74 Epifanio delos Santos Avenue, SM Light Mall, Barangay Ilaya, 1st District is the address of Egg Drop MNL.

Are there possibilities for dine-in at Egg Drop MNL?

Yes, dine-in alternatives are available for guests to enjoy their sandwiches on-site at Egg Drop MNL.

Is it possible for me to order takeaway from Egg Drop MNL?

Yes, consumers who would rather eat their sandwiches somewhere else can place takeout orders with Egg Drop MNL.

Does Egg Drop MNL provide shipping options?

For clients who would rather have their sandwiches brought right to their door, Egg Drop MNL does indeed provide delivery services.

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