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Ersao is a special place where you can enjoy delicious food, especially from Taiwan. They have a menu full of delicious treats for you to choose from. You’ll find noodles, snacks, and even refreshing drinks! It’s a fun and tasty place to visit when you want a different kind of meal. Don’t forget to check out the Ersao menu to see all the tasty things you can try!

Ersao Menu Philippines Updated

Buko Pandan Float₱ 185.00
Ripe Mango Flaot₱ 200.00
Strawberry Float₱ 200.00
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Almond Milk Tea₱ 125.00
Caramel Milk Tea₱ 125.00
Chocolate Milk Tea₱ 125.00
Coffee Milk Tea₱ 125.00
Taro Milk Tea₱ 125.00
Wintermelon Milk Tea₱ 110.0
Photo Credit: Ersao Foodpanda Page
Beef Dumpling Noodles₱ 275.00
Beef Genji Noodles₱ 245.00
Beef Stew Noodles₱ 320.00
Dumpling Noodles₱ 210.00
Maki Mi₱ 245.00
Maki Mishua₱ 255.00
Meatball Noodles₱ 200.00
Seafood Milk Noodles₱ 340.00
Seafood Noodles₱ 260.00
Shrimp Wanton Noodles₱ 310.00
Signature Beef Noodles₱ 420.00
Tan Tan Noodles₱ 310.00
Wanton Noodles₱ 210.00
Photo Credit: Ersao Facebook Page
Chocolate Shake₱ 135.00
Green Apple Shake₱ 130.00
Raspberry Shake₱ 130.00
Wintermelon Tea₱ 100.00
Photo Credit: Ersao Facebook Page
Green Apple Green Tea₱ 130.00
Green Tea₱ 110.00
Lemon Splash Green Tea₱ 155.00
Passion Fruit Green Tea₱ 130.00
Raspberry Green Tea₱ 130.00
Yakult Green Tea₱ 115.00
Adobong Egg₱ 110.00
Chili Squid & Peanuts₱ 220.00
Savoury Seafood Pancake₱ 240.00
Soybathe₱ 210.00
Spicy Shrimp Wanton₱ 240.00
Thai Chicken₱ 235.00
Vegetable₱ 120.00
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Bola Bola Troops₱ 200.00
Chicken Steak₱ 170.00
Dumplings₱ 145.00
Gyoza₱ 220.00
Pork Steak₱ 180.00
Radish Cake₱145.00
Spicy Chicken₱ 135.00
Spicy Pork₱ 145.00
Spicy Squid₱ 135.00
Wanton₱ 145.00
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Buko Lychee₱ 150.00
Buko Pandan₱ 150.00
Green Mango₱ 150.00
Ripe Mango₱ 150.00
Strawberry₱ 150.00
Watermelon₱ 150.00
Photo Credit: Ersao Foodpanda Page
Chicken Steak Rice₱ 205.00
Hong Ma₱ 315.00
Pork Chao Fan₱ 220.00
Pork Steak Rice₱ 215.00
Spicy Chicken Rice₱ 175.00
Spicy Pork Rice₱ 185.00
Spicy Squid Rice₱ 175.00
Teriyaki Chicken Rice₱ 290.00
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Ersao is one of the first companies that introduce milk tea beverages in the Philippines. The management aims to nourish the lives of its customers by offering healthy and delicious products. In line with its 20th founding anniversary, it launched an upgraded version of this restaurant, known as Ersao 2.0, where it offers more products, modern and cozy store designs, and better customer service to serve its patrons better. 

Ersao Menu Best Seller 

Ersao offers high-quality cuisines and beverages as they are made with the best and most authentic ingredients. The best sellers of this restaurant consist of Taiwanese and Asian cuisines, such as dumplings, noodles, chao fan, and snacks. 

Pork Dumplings – The thin, chewy dough is stuffed with minced pork, onion leeks, ginger, and cabbage. Its meaty, delicious, and juicy fillings complement the soy sauce served with it. The dumpling styles offered by Ersao are classic steamed, soy bathe, fried, and gyoza. 

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Spicy Chicken – A Taiwanese snack where tender chicken is cut into bite-sized pieces and coated with the restaurant’s special flavorsome batter. The spicy taste, the crispiness of its skin, and the tenderness of the meat are the characteristics of this dish that makes it one of the best-sellers. It is seasoned with Chinese five-spice and flavored with ginger and soy sauce. 

Spicy Squid – If you prefer a light yet flavorful seafood snack, viand, or side dish, this popular spicy squid of Ersao is an excellent cuisine. The basil leaves topped on it enhance its taste and plating presentation. Each bite of this spicy squid is satisfying as it has an appetizing taste, crunchy batter, and a perfect balance of squid’s chewy and tender texture. 

Signature Beef Noodles – One of the signature dishes of Ersao that you should try, as it is packed with comforting and surprising goodness. The hand-pulled noodles of this restaurant are simmered in beef bone soup with a fragrant smell and gradient taste. It is cooked with carrots, spicy and tender beef chunks, and other special ingredients. 

Pork Chao Fan – Enjoy this convenient, filling, and hearty Chinese cuisine that is bursting with flavors. The rice is mixed well with pork and other special ingredients and seasonings chosen by the restaurant. It is topped with a half-boiled egg that adds a satisfying taste and essential nutrients to this rice meal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the food and beverages featured on the Ersao menu? 

The menu of Ersao features authentic Taiwanese and Asian cuisines and beverages, such as Taiwan Snacks, Bendong, Noodles, Bendong, Chao Fan, Milk Tea, and Fruit Tea. 

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Can I customize my order at Ersao? 

Ersao does not offer customization services for its food and beverages. 

What are the shipping couriers used by Ersao for delivery? 

Ersao has its own courier service and a partnership with third-party platforms, such as Grab, Foodpanda, Lalamove, and Mr. Speedy.

What are the payment methods accepted by Ersao? 

Bank deposits, cash on delivery, GCash, PayPal, and over-the-counter are some of the payment methods accepted by Ersao. 

Does Ersao offer a franchise program? 

Yes, Ersao has a franchise and distributorship program. 

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Taiwanese cuisines and beverages are the highlights of the Ersao menu. It is best to dine in at their Ersao 2.0 stores to have a great experience, as these stores offer more products and a better atmosphere. You can also prepare your own meals at home with a genuine taste, as it offers ready-to-cook food, frozen delights, hot pot essentials, milk tea ingredients, and sauce & add-ons. 

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