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Due to the Korean craze in the Philippines, varieties of amazing Korean food were introduced to us such as the famous Samgyupsal, Tteokboki, and Korean Fried Chicken.  Given all that, this new trend of on-the-go Korean Cup meal is something a must-experience for your Korean cravings! Let’s get to know more about them and their menu collection.

Ducup Menu Philippines Updated

Japchae₱ 49.00
Korean Meatballs₱ 49.00
Korean Skewers₱ 49.00
Mandu₱ 49.00
Seaweed Roll₱ 49.00
Photo Credit: ducupmnl.com
Beef₱ 169.00
Korean Curry Bowl₱ 199.00
Rose Topokki₱ 329.00
Soy Chicken₱ 169.00
Soy Pork₱ 169.00
Spam & Egg Bowl₱ 199.00
Spicy Chicken₱ 169.00
Spicy Pork₱ 169.00
Spicy Squid₱ 169.00
Spicy Topokki₱ 329.00
Photo Credit: Ducup Foodpanda Page
Jaba Kimchi (280G)₱ 99.00
Jaba Kimchi (460G)₱ 159.00
Photo Credit: Ducup Facebook Page


Ducup has adopted a new way to serve Korean meals conveniently where you can enjoy it everywhere. Ducup is popular for its Korean meal-in-a-cup concept where you can fill and customize your cup with different Korean delicacies and enjoy it on the go. Enjoy your Ducup experience with their best-selling dish!

Ducup Menu Best Seller

Spicy Topokki – This dish is one of the crowd’s favorites at Ducup. It is also a well love Korean street food in South Korea. It is a rice cake that is flavored with savorful spicy ingredients that will give you a special kick in every bite.

Beef – This beef cup is filled with outstanding flavorful goodness. It has a bowl of rice on it along with other toppings. The beef is soft and tender which will guarantee the juiciness of every bite. You can top it with your choice of sauce to fully enhance its flavor.

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Japchae – I’m sure everyone would love their authentic japchae. It is a glass noddle filled with flavors and mixed veggies. It is one of my favorite Korean dishes and their version of this japchae is truly remarkable with the fine noodles to the light feeling it gives in every bite of this Japchae.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ducup?

Ducup is a business food chain that specializes in Korean meals in a cup. they have great selections of Korean food that you can put in the cup and enjoy everywhere you go.

What is Ducup famous for?

Ducup is famous for its Beef, Chicken, and Toppoki. They were recognized due to their innovation of Korean food in a cup that you can have on the go.

Where is the nearest Ducup in my area?

If you are looking for the nearest Ducup in your area you can refer to this link ducupmnl.com/ducup-locations . It has a list of all available Dicup branches in the Philippines.

Does Ducup offer delivery services?

Yes, you can have your Ducup delivered right to your doorstep via Foodpanda Philippines. Just visit their website or download their app and search Ducup to see all the available shops near you.

Is  Ducup HALAL Certified?

No. Unfortunately, Ducup has pork dishes such as Spicy Pork in their menu collection. Given all that, it is not the right place for Muslim patrons.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ducupmnl

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/ducupmnl?lang=en

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