Franks N’ Burgers Menu Prices

Are you familiar with Franks N’ Burgers? It’s a wonderful spot that serves up some seriously tasty burgers and other goodies. When you’re curious about the delicious options they have, just take a look at the Franks N’ Burgers menu. It’s filled with all kinds of yummy things to try! Franks N’ Burgers can be found in different parts of the Philippines, especially in Region IV, and it’s a really nice place to go and enjoy some great food with your friends and family.

Franks N’ Burgers Menu Philippines Updated

Burger & Egg₱ 32.00
Cheese Burger With Egg₱ 37.00
Chili Cheese Burger₱ 30.00
Sulit Burger₱ 35.00
Sulit Cheese Vurger₱ 45.00
Super Double Chili Burger₱ 33.00
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Mineral Water₱ 15.00
Mountain Dew₱ 20.00
Pepsi₱ 20.00
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Cheese Spread₱ 11.00
Chili Con Carne₱ 6.00
Egg₱ 15.00
Sliced Cheese₱ 8.00
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Cheesy Chili Footlong₱ 54.00
Cheesy Chili Franks₱ 36.00
Cheesy Footlong₱ 49.00
Egg Sandwich₱ 21.00
Franks Hotdog₱ 35.00
Franksfootlong₱ 75.00
Super Franks₱ 33.00
Photo Credit: Franks N’ Burgers Facebook Page


Franks N’ Burgers is a popular burger stand in the Philippines offering Buy 1 Take 1 products. Since 1989, it has been serving budget-friendly and flavorsome burgers, hotdogs, and footlongs. It has several chains nationwide, making it one of the most recognized burger chains in the country. Its slogan, “Swabe sa Lasa, Sakto sa Bulsa,” resonates with the delicious and affordable products it offers. 

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Franks N’ Burgers Menu Best Seller 

These are the best sellers of this burger stand and go-to snacks of its customers as they are filling, delicious, and budget-friendly. The soft buns, special patty and hotdogs, and unique sauce of these products are combined perfectly, gratifying its customers. 

Sulit Burger – It is called Sulit Burger, as it is the most affordable snack offered by Franks N’ Burger, available in Buy 1 Take 1. The soft burger buns are stuffed with juicy, meaty, and aromatic patty and special sauce. You can enjoy this alone or share it with your loved ones. 

Sulit Cheeseburger – This sulit cheeseburger is similar to the sulit burger, and the only difference is the additional cheese stuffed in it. The sliced cheese added to it imparts a delicious flavor, satisfying each bite. You can also upgrade it by adding sliced cheese, chili con carne, cheese spread, and egg to make it more filling and gratifying. 

Chili Cheeseburger – Spice up your snack with this chili cheeseburger with a kick of spiciness. The delicious taste of cheese, the spiciness of special sauce, the tenderness and juiciness of the patty, and the softness of buns are the characteristics of this snack loved by the crowd. 

Franks Hotdog – A hotdog sandwich made with a special signature hotdog of Frank’s. It is loved for its distinctive taste, juiciness, and tenderness, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer a hotdog sandwich over a burger. The special sauce of Frank’s is garnished on its top to boost its flavor. 

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Franks Footlong – One of the favorite snacks of its patrons as it is hearty, gratifying, and affordable. The customized bun of Franks is stuffed with a footlong hotdog and flavored with two special sauces. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Franks N’ Burger Philippines? 

Quantum Global Food Concepts Inc. owns Franks N’ Burger Philippines. 

What are the Buy 1 Take 1 products offered by Franks N’ Burgers? 

Sulit Burger, Sulit Cheese Burger, Franks Hotdog, and Franks Footlong are the Buy 1 Take 1 products offered by Franks N’ Burgers. 

Can I customize my burger at Franks N’ Burger? 

Yes, you can customize your burger by adding your preferred add-ons, such as cheese spread, slice cheese, egg, and chili con carne. 

Is Franks N’ Burger halal? 

Franks N’ Burger is not a halal-certified burger chain in the Philippines. 

What is Franks N’ Burger Dealership? 

Franks N’ Burger Dealership is a business opportunity where dealers are given a right to use the trade name or business name of this burger stand, special training in operating the business, and an 18% discount on total sales. 

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The Franks N’ Burger menu has simple selections of burgers, hotdogs, and footlongs, making it easier for customers to choose the one that will fill them up and satisfy their cravings. This burger stand has been a go-to place for those who want convenient, quick, affordable, and flavorful snacks. It also has a dealership program perfect for those wanting to start a business or have additional income. 

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