Raging Bull Menu Prices

Hey there, steak lovers and party people! Imagine a place where you can relish mouthwatering steaks while sipping on your favorite drinks to toast to any occasion—big or small. Well, I’ve discovered just the spot for you. At Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar, you can savor juicy cuts of meat and explore an array of liquor options without breaking the bank. Perfect for those fun dinner nights with friends.

Raging Bull Menu Philippines Updated

Kickass₱ 295.00
Kickin’ Chicken₱ 295.00
Mighty Beast₱ 385.00
Naked Fish₱ 395.00
Raging Wagyu₱ 395.00
The Clean Slate₱ 295.00
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How To Kickass At Home Diy Kit₱ 725.00
Mighty Beast Combo₱ 495.00
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Double Fried Fries135
Messy Fries185
Sweet Potato Fries165
Beef Patty225
Canada Dry140
Chocolate Shake280
Coke Zero100
Extra Whipped Cream40
Hope Water80
Mocha Shake280
Vanilla Shake280

About Raging Bull

Raging Bull Chophouse and Bar offer a unique blend of succulent steaks and a diverse selection of liquors, complemented by lunch options and delectable desserts. Designed with a retro-inspired theme by Avroko Hospitality Group, it exudes a unique charm. Unlike other steakhouses, Raging Bull offers reasonably priced steaks, ensuring everyone can enjoy without breaking the bank. With an inviting ambiance and a menu featuring aged beef, seafood, and comfort foods, it’s a haven for diners seeking quality cuisine. Whether in the main dining area, accommodating 92 guests, or the intimate semi-private dining room for eight, Raging Bull promises a memorable experience.

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Raging Bull’s Menu Best Seller

Prepare to have your palate intrigued by Raging Bull’s Menu Best Seller, a culinary marvel that will elevate your dining experience to new levels with its delectable dishes and enticing flavors.

Grilled Atlantic Salmon Fillet – Savor the Grilled Atlantic Salmon Fillet, expertly cooked to perfection, resulting in a tender, flaky texture with a subtle smoky flavor that pairs perfectly with the accompanying sauce, creating a harmony of taste sensations.

Beef Short Ribs – Prepare your palate for the Beef Short Ribs, slow-cooked for an impressive 48 hours, ensuring unparalleled tenderness and depth of flavor, with each bite delivering a rich, succulent experience that lingers on the senses.

Cheeky Beef Croquettes – Enjoy a beautiful symphony of textures and flavors with the irresistible Cheeky Beef Croquettes, which are crispy on the outside and brimming with savory goodness on the inside.

Candy Floss Pavlova – For dessert, the Candy Floss Pavlova offers a whimsical twist on the classic dessert, with fluffy meringue topped with a vibrant assortment of fresh fruits and delicate strands of candy floss, providing a unique contrast of sweetness and lightness that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Thyme For Mule – Quench your thirst with the Thyme For Mule cocktail, a refreshing blend of vodka, zesty ginger beer, tangy lime, and aromatic thyme, served over ice for a crisp and invigorating sip that’s perfect for any occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Raging Bull located?

Level 3, 30th Street corner 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

What is Raging Bull operating hours?

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Raging Bull operates daily, offering lunch service from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM and dinner service from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

Can I make reservations at Raging Bull?

Yes, Raging Bull accepts reservations for both lunch and dinner service. Reservations can be made online through their website.

Does Raging Bull offer private dining options?

Yes, Raging Bull offers private dining options for special events and gatherings. Their semi-private dining room can accommodate up to eight guests, providing an intimate setting for celebrations.

What type of cuisine does Raging Bull offer?

Raging Bull specializes in modern steakhouse cuisine, offering a diverse menu featuring premium cuts of meat, seafood, and other culinary treats.

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