FRNK Milk Bar Menu Prices

Step into FRNK Milk Bar and find yourself in a world filled with creativity and innovation with the bar’s milkshake as the highlight. It is the best place where creativity and flavors collide which results in extraordinary beverage concoctions that you won’t be able to find just anywhere. And it’s not just shakes, their menu also prides itself in the diverse snacks and desserts that it offers.

FRNK Milk Bar Menu Philippines Update

Baked Purple₱ 200.00
Beri Oat₱ 210.00
Cinnamon₱ 165.00
Dirty Maccha₱ 200.00
Frozen Cereal₱ 250.00
Frozen Cinnamon₱ 265.00
Frozen Coffee₱ 260.00
Frozen Kokoa₱ 250.00
Frozen Maccha₱ 275.00
Frozen Mocha₱ 270.00
Grape Seasalt₱ 230.00
Kokoa Magma₱ 175.00
Maccha Beri₱ 230.00
Maccha Coconut₱ 175.00
Maccha Lava₱ 190.00
Maccha Watermelon₱ 180.00
Maccha Yuzu₱ 185.00
Purple Almond₱ 190.00
Photo Credit: FRNK Facebook Page
Dessert Set₱ 575.00
Photo Credit: FRNK Facebook Page
Cereal Coffee Doughnut₱ 100.00
Cereal Doughnut₱ 105.00
Cinnamon Doughnut₱ 100.00
Coffee Almond Doughnut₱ 100.00
Dirty Maccha Doughnut₱ 100.00
Doughnuts – Box Of 3₱ 275.00
Kokoa Beri Doughnut₱ 105.00
Kokoa Magma Doughnut₱ 100.00
Kokoa Sesame Doughnut₱ 100.00
Maccha Beri Doughnut₱ 105.00
Maccha Yuzu Doughnut₱ 105.00
Purple Maccha Doughnut₱ 85.00
Yuzu Doughnut₱ 100.00
Photo Credit: FRNK Facebook Page
Banana Miso Bar₱ 105.00
Beri Kokoa Mochi Cake₱ 210.00
Cereal Cookie₱ 80.00
Cereal Jar₱ 345.00
Kokoa Fudge Cookie₱ 140.00
Maccha Banoffee₱ 210.00
Nut Butter Bar₱ 115.00
Waffle Cheese₱ 195.00
Waffle Ham & Cheese₱ 205.00
Photo Credit: FRNK Facebook Page


The FRNK Milk Bar is a cafe in the Philippines, but not an ordinary one. Their menu boasts a selection of delicious beverages and indulgent snacks to sweet desserts making it one of the must-visit places for those who have a sweet tooth. It promises an unforgettable experience by highlighting the use of milk and making it shine in the most exciting way.

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FRNK Milk Bar Best Seller Menu

Houjicha Chizu – Hand-whisked and roasted to perfection, this tea is crowned with a cheese cap that adds a tantalizing contrast of flavors and fresh milk completes this harmonious blend, resulting in a beverage that is simultaneously soothing and exciting for the taste buds.

Frozen Cereal Miruk – This creation combines homemade corn cereal and a homemade cornflake cookie with their secret milk slush. The result? A frozen sensation that blends really well with the crunch of cereal with the icy goodness of milk.

Baked Purple Chizu – FRNK Milk Bar’s Baked Purple Chizu is a celebration of vibrant flavors and colors, made with homemade purple yam and purple yam jam provides a unique twist, while the cheese cap adds a touch of savory goodness.

Midnight Ichigo: For those who crave a blend of sophistication and fruity sweetness, the Midnight Ichigo is a must-try. The hand-whisked roasted Uji Kyoto green tea provides an earthy foundation, while homemade strawberry jam adds a burst of natural fruitiness creating a symphony of flavors that is perfect for any time of day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FRNK Milk Bar?

FRNK Milk Bar is a popular milkshake joint in the Philippines.

What does FRNK Milk Bar serve?

It provides a wide variety of beverages, snacks, and desserts.

Is FRNK Milk Bar a Filipino cafe?

FRNK Milk Bar is a Japanese milk bar that opened a branch in the Philippines.

Are the items that FRNK Milk Bar affordable?

FRNK Milk Bar’s offerings are known for their budget-friendly prices.

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