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Looking for a trendy cafe that serves the best beverages? Then Yetito is the best place for you! This cafe is a combination of a comfortable place and delicious coffee items which is why it became the go-to place for those who want to indulge in their coffee peacefully and comfortably.

Yetito Menu Philippines Updated

Caramel Macchiato₱ 75.00₱ 85.00
Dalgong Latte₱ 69.00₱ 79.00
Photo Credit: Yetito Facebook Page
Cheese Cream₱ 25.00
Coco Jelly₱ 15.00
Pearl₱ 15.00
Whip Cream₱ 20.00
Honey Kalamansi Mt₱ 45.00₱ 52.00₱ 62.00
Mango Fruit Tea₱ 45.00₱ 52.00₱ 62.00
Strawberry Fruit Tea₱ 45.00₱ 52.00₱ 62.00
Taro Milk Tea₱ 45.00₱ 52.00₱ 62.00
Wintermelon Mt₱ 45.00₱ 52.00₱ 62.00
Photo Credit: Yetito Facebook Page
Buko₱ 39.00₱ 49.00₱ 59.00
Cokolada₱ 45.00₱ 55.00₱ 65.00
Kreamee Cookie₱ 48.00₱ 58.00₱ 68.00
Mango Graham₱ 42.00₱ 52.00₱ 60.00
Pandan Buko Cream₱ 45.00₱ 55.00₱ 65.00
Rocky Road₱ 49.00₱ 59.00₱ 69.00
Ube Buko Cream₱ 45.00₱ 55.00₱ 65.00
Very Strawberry₱ 42.00₱ 52.00₱ 60.00
Photo Credit: Yetito Facebook Page
Caramel Frappe₱ 78.00₱ 88.00
Java Chip Frappe₱ 78.00₱ 88.00
Matcha Frappe₱ 75.00₱ 85.00
Strawberry & Cream₱ 69.00₱ 79.00
Photo Credit: Yetito Facebook Page
Cc Kreamee Cookie₱ 75.00₱ 85.00
Cc Ube Macapuno₱ 80.00₱ 90.00
Cc Wintermelon₱ 80.00₱ 90.00
Mango Cheesecake₱ 75.00₱ 85.00
Strawberry Cheesecake₱ 75.00₱ 85.00
Photo Credit: Yetito Facebook Page
Qq Chocolate Mt₱ 62.00₱ 72.00
Qq Milk Tea₱ 59.00₱ 68.00
Qq Wintermelon Mt₱ 62.00₱ 72.00
Photo Credit: Yetito Facebook Page
Yakult Green Tea₱ 49.00₱ 58.00₱ 68.00
Yakult Kalamansi Gt₱ 55.00₱ 62.00₱ 72.00
Yakult Mango₱ 55.00₱ 62.00₱ 72.00
Yakult Strawberry₱ 55.00₱ 62.00₱ 72.00
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B.Sugar Pearl Latte₱ 55.00₱ 60.00₱ 70.00
Brown Sugar Pearl Mt₱ 52.00₱ 59.00₱ 69.00
Chocolate Milk Tea₱ 45.00₱ 52.00₱ 62.00
Coco Jelly Milk Tea₱ 48.00₱ 52.00₱ 62.00
Milk Tea₱ 39.00₱ 48.00₱ 52.00
Oreo Choco Milk Tea₱ 55.00₱ 62.00₱ 72.00
Oreo Milk Tea₱ 49.00₱ 58.00₱ 68.00
Pearl Milk Tea₱ 45.00₱52.00₱ 62.00
Photo Credit: Yetito Facebook Page

About Yetito

Yetito is a cafe in the Philippines known for the wide range of beverages that it offers. Due to the cafe’s cozy atmosphere and affordable offerings, it has become one of the best places to go with friends and family for a casual drink. It has multiple branches around Metro Manila making it convenient and accessible.

Yetito Best Selling Menu

Cokolada Shake – This beverage refers to a chocolate-flavored shake or milkshake made with chocolate or cocoa that is both creamy and indulgent. The Cokolada Shake stands out as one of the most popular beverages that Yetito offers.

Pearl Milk Tea – Yetito’s Pearl milk tea has Taiwanese influence as it is made of tea, milk, sugar, and chewy tapioca pearls which are a staple ingredient of Taiwanese tea. The reason for its popularity at Yetito is that this beverage can be customized with various flavors and toppings depending on the customer’s preference.

Dalgona Latte – The Dalgona coffee or latte from Yetito has started to gain popularity as a viral trend, especially during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is made by whipping instant coffee, sugar, and hot water together to create a frothy, creamy topping for a glass of milk which makes for a satisfying and refreshing beverage.

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Dark Mocha – Yetito’s Dark mocha is a coffee-based beverage that combines espresso or coffee with dark chocolate resulting in a rich and decadent beverage that is perfect for those who enjoy the bold flavors of coffee and dark chocolate together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yetito and what they do offer?

Yetito is one of the many cafes in the Philippines that provides both locals and tourists with different kinds of beverages.

Where is Yetito located?

You can visit Yetito in Bataan.

Does Yetito provide promotions and discounts?

Yes, this app oftentimes provides promotions and discounts for their regular customers.

Does Yetito have options for kids?

Yes, aside from coffee, Yetito also provides shakes and other beverages that kids would surely love!

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