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Let us build great memories with good food at Giligan’s! Their menu offers a collection of Filipino classic dishes that are close to your heart. From their mouthwatering seafood dishes up to their gastronomic meaty delights. Giligans will never go wrong when it comes to your favorite Filipino dining. Check this menu collection and create a wondrous experience at Giligan’s.

Giligan’s Menu Philippines Updated

Family Meal A₱ 745.00
Family Meal B₱ 1000.00
Family Meal C₱ 1050.00
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2Pc Fried Chicken₱ 145.00
Beef Caldereta₱ 145.00
Chicken Teriyaki₱ 115.00
Crunchy Pork Sisig₱ 120.00
Fish Fillet Oriental₱ 120.00
Inihaw Na Liempo₱ 115.00
Lechon Kawali₱ 140.00
Port Bbq₱ 120.00
Roast Beef₱ 145.00
Roasted Chicken₱ 131.00
Salt & Pepper Squid₱ 115.00
Sweet & Sour Fish₱ 115.00
Sweet & Sour Pork₱ 120.00
Sweet & Spicy Squid₱ 115.00
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Boneless Chicken Teriyaki₱ 205.00
Crunchy Pork Sisig₱ 230.00
Fish Fillet Oriental₱ 235.00
Fried Garlic Chicken (Half)₱ 290.00
Fried Garlic Chicken (Whole)₱ 520.00
Kare-Kareng Gulay₱ 225.00
Pancit Canton Guisado₱ 200.00
Roast Beef With Gravy₱ 300.00
Shrimp Oriental₱ 445.00
Sinigang Na Bangus Sa Miso₱ 250.00
Sisig Rice Platter₱ 205.00
Sweet And Spicy Squid₱ 245.00
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Crispy Pata (Large)₱ 690.00
Crispy Pata (Regular)₱ 625.00
Inihaw Na Liempo₱ 215.00
Lechon Kawali (Half)₱ 180.00
Lechon Kawali (Whole)₱ 300.00
Pork Bbq₱ 111.00
Sweet & Sour Pork₱ 240.00
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2Pc Fried Chicken₱ 120.00
Bangus Salpicao₱ 250.00
Beef Caldereta₱ 300.00
Grilled Bangus₱ 245.00
Grilled Pusit₱ 330.00
Kare-Kare Beef₱ 400.00
Roasted Chicken (Half)₱ 270.00
Roasted Chicken (Whole)₱ 490.00
Salt & Pepper Squid₱ 245.00
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet₱ 235.00
Sweet An Spicy Chicken (Whole)₱ 520.00
Sweet And Spicy Chicken (Half)₱ 290.00
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Giligans is the perfect place for your family to savor Filipino cuisine together. Their menu offers a vast selection of food that brings the vibrant flavors of Filipino cuisine. Giligians is more than just a restaurant, it is a home of joys and laughter where we celebrate life.

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Giligan’s Menu Best Seller

Giligan’s Sisig Rice – You surely don’t want to miss this flavorful rice at Giligan’s. It features a fusion of fried rice with sisig bits and flavors that perfectly go along with all of your favorite meals at Giligan’s.

Leche Flan – It is a grave mistake not trying this Leche Flan. Since it is one of my favorite foods, I have a meticulous taste when it comes to this one. It is no doubt a best seller because it surprisingly matched my taste when it comes to the texture and level of sweetness with the caramelized sugar on it.

F1 – This selected meal is found in their Family Promo which features 3 courses of meals; Kare-kareng gulay, Sweet Chili Chicken, and four sticks of Pork BBQ which will surely give you a wonderful experience at Giligan’s 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Giligan’s offer?

Giligans offers a vast selection of our beloved Filipino favorite foods such as Kare-Kare, Pork barbeque, and more.

What are the operating hours of Giligan’s?

Giligan’s operating hours vary per store but they usually operate from 10 AM to 9 PM daily.

How many branches of Giligan’s are there in the Philippines?

There are currently more than 100 branches of Giligan’s Restaurant in the Philippines and they are continuously expanding to serve more Filipinos their favorite Pinoy delicacies.

Is Giligan’s HALAL Certified?

No, Giligans revolves around Classic Pinoy delicacies which greatly feature pork meats and pork products.

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