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One thing that completes our travel experience is the restaurant we visit. So, if you are planning to visit Baguio, this Good Taste Restaurant is a place you should try, as it offers dishes with good taste, reasonable prices, and generous servings. Its menu comprises a wide array of traditional Filipino and Chinese cuisines, bread, and cakes perfect for different dining needs. 

Good Taste Menu Philippines Updated

Jj’S All Cheese Pizza ₱ 107.00
Jj’S Bacon & Mushroom Pizza ₱ 125.00
Jj’S Ham & Cheese Pizza ₱ 113.00
Jj’S Hawaiian Pizza ₱ 119.00
Jj’S Krispy Sisig Pizza ₱ 157.00
Jj’S Pepperoni Pizza ₱ 119.00
Krispy Sisig Barkada Pack ₱ 208.00
Krispy Sisig Duo Pack ₱ 151.00
Krispy Sisig Family Pack ₱ 373.00
Krispy Sisig Platter ₱ 717.00
Krispy Sisig Solo Meal ₱ 93.00
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Photo Credit: Jj’s Facebook Page
Jj’S Bacon & Mushroom Pizza 10″ ₱ 125.00
Jj’S Ham & Cheese Pizza 10″ ₱ 113.00
Krispy Sisig Duo Pack – Good For 2 ₱ 51.00
Krisy Sisig Barkada Pack – Good For 3 To 4 ₱ 208.00
Photo Credit: Good Taste Krispy Sisig Facebook Page
Krispy Sisig Barkada Pack₱ 208.00
Krispy Sisig Duo Pack₱ 151.00
Krispy Sisig Family Pack₱ 383.00
Krispy Sisig Platter₱ 818.00
Krispy Sisig Solo Meal₱ 93.00
Photo Credit: Good Taste Krispy Sisig Facebook Page


Good Taste Menu Best Seller 

These are the best-selling dishes of Good Taste Restaurant you should try as they are packed with delicious and familiar flavors that will make your taste buds sing and give you a good dining and travel experience. 

1. Buttered Chicken – It is a famous cuisine of Good Taste well-loved for its tender texture, juiciness, appetizing goodness, and pleasant buttery aroma. The chicken is perfectly spiced and glazed with the restaurant’s special sauce that gives a sweet taste and a little kick of sour flavor. 

2. Cream Puff – A delicious bread you can bring home to your loved ones or enjoy while on the road. The size of this cream puff is like a regular ensaymada, so it will surely fill you up and satisfy your cravings. It is a bread that is always on the list of its customers as it always impresses their palate. 

3. Crispy Pata – One of its patrons’ highly recommended and favorite cuisines, where pork leg is spiced with special seasonings and deep-fried until its skin becomes crispy. Its golden and crunchy skin makes it appealing to the senses, and the moist and flavorful meat on the inside gratifies each bite. 

4. Lumpiang Shanghai – The Lumpiang Shanghai is the dish you should not miss when you visit this restaurant, as it is simply delicious and irresistible. It can be eaten or enjoyed even without a sauce because it already tastes great on its own. The special sweet chili sauce served with it adds a unique and hearty flavor profile that blends perfectly with lumpia’s crunchiness and savory taste. 

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5. Good Taste Rice – Enjoy this combo meal with rice, sunny-side-up egg, and fresh mixed vegetables. The runny egg yolk adds a layer of flavor to the rice, making it more delicious. It also comes with fried chicken, known for its pleasurable taste and texture, so this meal will surely be loved by all family or group members. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Good Taste Baguio famous for?

Good Taste Baguio is famous for its budget-friendly and delicious Filipino and Chinese cuisines. 

What are the must-try cuisines at Good Taste? 

Some of the must-try cuisines at Good Taste are Buttered Chicken, Cream Puffs, Chopsuey, and Crispy Pata. 

Does Good Taste offer vegetarian options? 

Yes, Good Taste offer cuisines perfect for vegetarians. 

Does the Good Taste Otek branch have Catering and Event Services? 

Yes, the Good Taste Otek branch offers catering and event services; for inquiries, contact them at their official Facebook page, call them at 0930-996-4381, and email them at [email protected]

Can I order a personalized cake at Good Taste? 

Yes, you can order personalized cupcakes, chiffon cakes, and moist cakes. 

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