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Goto is one of the hearty meals that have been part of our typical Filipino breakfast that we have grown to love. That is why there is no doubt that a great goto can really boost your day or give you the warmth and comfort you need. Good news because today we are going to talk about our Filipino pride goto or other known as porridge. Introducing Gotobox! let us take a look at their menu collection where a delightful experience awaits you.

Gotobox Menu Philippines Updated

Amor Flowers₱ 165.00
Bossing₱ 175.00
Catriona₱ 165.00
Goto’T Batok₱ 165.00
Spicy Goto Lava₱ 175.00
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Bagnet Silog₱ 175.00
Bulaklak Silog₱ 179.00
Dainsilog₱ 170.00
Lechon Silog₱ 175.00
Pork Silog₱ 160.00
Sisig Silog₱ 175.00
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Fried Egg₱ 20.00
Garlic Rice₱ 30.00
Lumpiang Togue₱ 35.00
Okoy₱ 45.00
Tokwa’T Baboy₱ 80.00
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Beef Pares Special₱ 198.00
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Lakan₱ 110.00
Markit₱ 110.00
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Bottled Water₱ 30.00
Classic Ice Scramble₱ 90.00
Gina Mango₱ 70.00
Leche Flan₱ 45.00
Saging Con Yelo₱ 50.00
Samalamig₱ 35.00
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The business that started in a small neighborhood has now grown to serve not just your neighborhood but the entire Philippines with their well-loved goto. Their undeniably fun twist and creative innovation lead them to achieve great success in their business venture which is now known as Gotobox. Aside from goto, they offer a great selection of Classic Pinoy Favorites such as Silog and Pares that are certainly a must-try at Gotobox.

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Gotobox Menu Best Seller

Lakan – Starting this list with their well-loved goto. This Lakan is made out of goto puti along with beef fat, ox tripe, and pork isaw. It has a meaty taste because of its loads of meatiness flavor featured in this meal which is why it became one of the go-to meals for everyone.

Beef Pares Special – This famous dish has a great reputation at Gotobox having to be one of the most loved dishes that features succulent and tender texture of beef pares that is stewed in a savory sauce. It is then served with a sunny-side-up egg and delicious fried rice.

Lechon Silog – Now for the lechon fans this dish is certainly a must-try for you to truly see the best of Gotobox. This meal showcases the succulent and flavorful meat of lechon with the right crispiness outside. It is guaranteed to be flavorful as it is also served with sunny side up and fried rice.

Frequently Asked Questions at Gotobox

What type of cuisine does Gotobox offer?

Gotobox offers a delectable collection of Filipino hearty meals such as their goto meals along with their silog and pares collections that are guaranteed to offer the best Filipino flavors.

Where is the nearest Gotobox in my area?

You can identify the location of the nearest Gotobox in your area via this link at which directs you to their store locator on their official website.

What are the operating hours of Gotobox?

Gotobox’s operating hours start from 6 AM to 9 PM every day.

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Is Gotobox HALAL Certified?

No, Gotobox greatly serves pork meats in their menu meals such as Pork Isaw, lechon, and more.

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