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Hi there, pals who love eating and exploring flavors! Let’s talk about a wonderful gem that offers a unique eating experience thanks to fine wines, gourmet coffee, and a wonderful atmosphere. Welcome to Stockwell Café + Lounge, where each food is delicious and each drink tells a tale. Prepare yourself for a tasteful symphony of comforting sensations and flavors that will leave you wanting more. This site is a must-visit, I promise!

Stockwell Café + Lounge Menu Philippines Updated

Beef Bourguignon₱ 285.00
Beef Stroganoff₱ 250.00
Breakfast Platter₱ 260.00
Chicken Confit₱ 260.00
Chicken Cordon Bleu₱ 220.00
Chicken Parmigiana₱ 220.00
Fish In Lemon Beurre Blanc₱ 220.00
Italian Baked Porkchop₱ 230.00
Pan Seared Salmon In Lemon Butter Sauce₱ 350.00
Roast Pork In Peppercorn Sauce₱ 265.00
Salisbury Skillet₱ 220.00
Seafood Casserole₱ 325.00
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Choco Caramel₱ 140.00
House Blend Iced Tea₱ 85.00
Matcha Green Tea Latte₱ 130.00
Spanish Hot Chocolate₱ 120.00
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Beef Steak Sandwich₱ 265.00
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich₱ 235.00
Clubhouse Sandwich₱ 225.00
Grilled Cheese Sandwich₱ 195.00
Sausage Sandwich₱ 250.00
Stockwell’S Burger₱ 250.00
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Coke Light₱ 55.00
Coke Regular₱ 55.00
Mineral Water₱ 25.00
Sprite₱ 55.00
Cold Brew₱ 120.00
Double Shot₱ 90.00
Espresso Con Panna₱ 140.00
Flat White₱ 120.00
Long Macchiato₱ 100.00
Piccolo₱ 110.00
Short Macchiato₱ 90.00
Single Shot₱ 80.00
Stockwell Sub-Zero₱ 160.00
Stockwell’S Iced Coffee₱ 130.00
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Caramel Macchiato₱ 150.00
Cookies & Cream₱ 150.00
Mocha₱ 150.00
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Chamomile Tea₱ 100.00
Earl Grey Tea₱ 100.00
Hot Cinnamon Spice₱ 100.00
Japanese Sencha₱ 100.00
Paris₱ 100.00
White Vanilla Grapefruit₱ 100.00
Garlic Parmesan Fries₱ 150.00
Potato Croquettes In Garlic Cheese Aioli₱ 195.00
Sausage Platter₱ 230.00
Chicken Ala King₱ 195.00
Chicken Ala Pobre₱ 195.00
Tuscan Chicken₱ 195.00
All-Meat Supreme₱ 410.00
Chorizo Meatballs₱ 235.00
Classic Pepperoni₱ 395.00
Creamy Carbonara₱ 195.00
Grilled Chicken Pesto₱ 210.00
Grilled Chicken Tomato Basil₱ 405.00
Seafood Marinara₱ 235.00
Shrimp Aglio Olio₱ 215.00
Truffle Mushroom Linguine₱ 250.00

About Stockwell Café + Lounge

Looking for your caffeine haven? Look no further than Stockwell Café + Lounge in Tomas Morato, Quezon City which is filled with natural light thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows. Owned by siblings Sherwin Choy and Shandie Tecson, its industrial-meets-fine-dining ambiance creates a unique charm. But let’s talk beans – Stockwell offers a curated selection including local favorites like Matutum and Benguet, alongside global picks like Brazil and Colombia. With coffee beans customized to perfection, each sip is an experience worth savoring.

Stockwell Café + Lounge’s Menu Best Seller

Experience the culinary apex of Stockwell Café + Lounge’s menu with their best-selling meal, an enticing meal that will satisfy any pallet.

Stockwell 50/50 – This intriguing beverage, available hot or iced, entices with its unique blend of milk and a closely guarded secret ingredient. While resembling a latte, it boasts a distinct chocolate-like kick that sets it apart and leaves palates craving for more.

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Aeropress – A rarity among coffee shops, the Aeropress brews up a rich and aromatic cup of coffee not commonly found elsewhere. Its unique brewing method results in a flavor profile that’s sure to captivate coffee lovers seeking something new and exciting.

Latte – Whether enjoyed hot or over ice, the classic Latte at Stockwell provides a comforting and familiar option for those navigating the array of brewing choices. For those who are unfamiliar with specialty coffee, its flavorful blend and velvety texture make it a great place to start.

Truffle Mushroom Linguine – Take pleasure in the luxurious flavors of the Truffle Mushroom Linguine, where al dente pasta is paired with a decadent truffle-infused sauce and hearty mushrooms. Each bite is a symphony of earthy, creamy, and umami notes, making it a must-try for pasta lovers.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – Satisfy your cravings with the bold and flavorful Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. Tender chicken, coated in spicy buffalo sauce, is nestled between soft buns along with crisp lettuce and tangy mayo, creating a perfect balance of heat and coolness in every bite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Stockwell Café + Lounge located?

Stockwell Café + Lounge is located in U/G floor Parkway, SM City Fairview 1118 Quezon City, Philippines

Who are the owners of Stockwell Café + Lounge?

Stockwell Café + Lounge is owned by siblings Sherwin Choy and Shandie Tecson.

Besides their renowned coffee offerings, what other menu can customers enjoy at Stockwell Café + Lounge?

In addition to coffee, Stockwell offers a wide selection of sandwiches, pasta, rice meals, and appetizers. Sherwin created all of the recipes because he wanted the flavors to precisely match their drinks.

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What is the ambiance like at Stockwell Café + Lounge?

Stockwell Café + Lounge boasts a spacious and cozy ambiance, with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow natural light to fill the space.

Are there any kid-friendly menu options available at Stockwell Café + Lounge?

Absolutely! Stockwell Café + Lounge offers a selection of kid-friendly dishes and beverages, including options like sandwiches, pasta, and non-caffeinated drinks tailored to appeal to younger palates.

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