Jamaican Patties Menu Prices

Embark to another beefy adventure as we talk about today’s newest talk of town. Introducing Jamaican Patties! They claim to be the number one snack in Jamaica and pride themselves in their authentic and flavorful menu collections. Although they are named Jamaican Patties, they offer quite a great collection of drinks too. Let’s take a look at their menu and see what makes them special.

Jamaican Patties Menu Philippines Updated

Beef Pinatubo₱ 425.00
Beefy Mushroom₱ 425.00
Cheezy Beef Original₱ 425.00
Cheezy Beef Pinatubo₱ 425.00
Photo Credit: Jamaican Patties GrabFood Page
Fruits Coconut Juice₱ 85.00
Jamaican Pattie Cheezy Beef₱ 85.00
Jamaican Pattie Cheezy Beef Pinatubo₱ 85.00
Photo Credit: Jamaican Patties GrabFood Page
Photo Credit: Jamaican Patties Balai Mart Page
Four Season Juice₱ 55.00
Guyabano Juice₱ 55.00
Mango Passion Fruit Juice₱ 55.00


Originating from Jamaica, Jamaican Patties boast their flavorful collections of meat and other savory quick bites. It is perfect for your quick snacks as you trudge yourself into the busy street of the Metro while savoring this great snack. Aside from meaty goodness they also offer fine refreshments such as Fruitas coconut juice and more.

Jamaican Patties Menu Best Seller

Cheezy Beef – this item is one of the first things that intrigued me as I was browsing their menu collections. It is definitely worth trying because you don’t want to miss the cheesiness of this dish that is right on top. It is a bread stuffed with the absolute goodness of beef that is a sure hit.

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Spicy Tuna – One of my favorites and certainly a must-try. The spicy hint is just perfect for the tuna flavors of this item which gives you the subtlety of the aroma and the Jamaican spices. Well, there are more spicy dishes than this but if you want the chill level of spice you should definitely go for this one.

De Original Beef – this item actually deserves to be on the top list. It is one of the classics that will never fail you. It is stuffed with ground beef and I love the hint of the spices even though it is not spicy it just adds to the flavor making it a must-try at Jamaican Patties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine do Jamaican Patties offer?

Jamaican Patties offers a collection of quick snacks that feature authentic Jamaican spices. They offer a variety of flavors such as Spicy Tuna, Cheezy Beef, and more.

Are Jamaican patties like empanadas?

Yes, they are quite the counterpart of our empanada but with Jamaican spices and flavors.

Does Jamaican Pattie offer a food delivery service?

Yes, you can purchase your favorite Jamaican Patties online via third-party delivery partners. One of the best options is FoodPanda Philippines.

Is Jamaican Pattie HALAL Certified?

Yes, Jamaican Pattie is indeed a HALAL Certified Restaurant that offers a great collection of quick bites that are recommended for Muslim patrons.

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