Mushroom Burger Menu Prices

More and more people are becoming health-conscious, so if you are one of them, the Mushroom Burger is an ideal place for you. Unlike any other fast-food chain, this restaurant’s menu consists of healthy burgers, fries, and comfort foods that are nutritious and perfect for vegans and vegetarians. You will surely have a good dining experience without worrying or feeling guilty, as the main ingredient of your favorite comfort food and meals is made of mushrooms. 

Mushroom Burger Menu Philippines Updated

Chicken Burger W/ Cheese₱ 107.00
Chicken Burger W/O Cheese₱ 96.00
Mb Chicken Royal₱ 138.00
Mb King₱ 170.00
Mb Regular W/ Cheese₱ 114.00
Mb Regular W/O Cheese₱ 103.00
Mb Royal₱ 147.00
Mb Wrap₱ 154.00
Mix Mushroom Burger₱ 185.00
Mix Mushroom Sandwich₱ 130.00
Mushroom Sandwich₱ 125.00
Mushroom Wrap₱ 138.00
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Almond Jelly₱ 32.00
Gulaman₱ 46.00
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5 – Pc Chicken Nuggets W/ Fries₱ 120.00
5 – Pc Chicken Nuggets W/ Rice₱ 110.00
Canton + Mushroom Sandwich₱ 200.00
Chicken & Pancit Canton Meal₱ 195.00
Chicken & Spaghetti Meal₱ 167.00
Fried Chicken – 1 Pc₱ 130.00
Fried Chicken – 2 Pcs₱ 209.00
Lomi₱ 124.00
Lomi + Mushroom Sandwich₱ 201.00
Pancit Canton Delight₱ 124.00
Spaghetti W/ Chicken Burger₱ 143.00
Spaghetti W/O Chicken Burger₱ 94.00
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Burger Steak – 1 Pc₱ 111.00
Burger Steak – 2 Pcs₱ 140.00
Chicken Adobo₱ 90.00
Chicken Steak – 1 Pc₱ 104.00
Chicken Steak – 2 Pcs₱ 132.00
Longganisa – 2 Pcs₱ 107.00
Longganisa – 3 Pcs₱ 131.00
Mushroom Beef₱ 133.00
Mushroom Delight₱ 131.00
Mushroom Lumpia 1-2 Pcs₱ 112.00
Mushroom Lumpia – 1 Pc₱ 82.00
Mushroom Sisig₱ 130.00
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Burger Patty₱ 630.00
Fried Chicken Bucket (6 Pcs)₱ 558.00
Fried Chicken Bucket (8 Pcs)₱ 696.00
Longganisa (16 Pcs)₱ 704.00
Longganisa (8 Pcs)₱ 352.00
Mushroom Lumpia₱ 530.00
Mushroom Sisig₱ 590.00
Pancit Canton Box (Large)₱ 1,207.00
Pancit Canton Box (Medium)₱ 1014.00
Pancit Canton Box (Small)₱ 672.00
Spaghetti Box (Large)₱ 1,241.00
Spaghetti Box (Medium)₱ 1,040.00
Spaghetti Box (Small)₱ 688.00
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About Mushroom Burger 

The founders of Mushroom Burger saw the potential of mushrooms as an edible product that can be cooked in different ways. With their knowledge and skills, they cultivated mushrooms of the best quality and opened a fast-food restaurant serving mushroom-based burgers and cuisines. They have their own mushroom farm in Tagaytay, where they source the mushroom used in preparing the foods they serve. 

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Mushroom Burger Menu Best Seller

The best sellers of Mushroom Burger consist of burgers, comfort foods, and traditional Filipino cuisines where the mushroom is the special ingredient. These dishes have a unique and satisfying taste and are considered healthier choices perfect for the varied dietary requirements of its customers. 

1. MB King – Treat yourself like a king with this burger stuffed with two patties, two slices of cheese, special sauce, tomato, and other greens. The mushroom patty in this burger is made with 50% mushroom and 50% beef patty and is known for its tenderness, juiciness, and distinctive taste. 

2. Mix Mushroom Burger – The soft and thick buns are filled with cheese, unique sauce, a combination of mushroom and beef patty, and mixed mushrooms. If you are a mushroom lover, this burger is perfect because it will give you joy in every bite. The delicious combined flavors and texture of buns, mushrooms, patty, cheese, and sauce make it a bestseller. 

3. Mushroom Sisig – Try a new variant of sisig with this rice bowl mushroom sisig made with different kinds of mushrooms. It is a no-meat sisig, so you will not feel guilty while enjoying it, especially if you are following a healthy diet or lifestyle. It is served with a boiled egg flavored with adobo sauce that adds essential nutrients to this meal. 

4. Mushroom Delight – Mushroom Delight is a healthy rice meal that does not contain any meat. This cuisine is made with four types of mushrooms and various vegetables sauteed in a special sauce and seasoned with flavorsome spices. It also comes with an adobo egg that makes it more filling and flavorsome. 

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5. Bowl of Mushroom Fries – Fries are one of the most-sought comfort foods in fast-food restaurants, which is why it is always on the list of its customers. The fries served by Mushroom Burger are different from the typical potato fries, as it is made with mushrooms. It has a crunchy and satisfying taste that makes it appealing to people from different generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What comprises the menu of Mushroom Burger? 

The Mushroom Burger menu comprises burgers, rice toppings, chicken, noodles, and desserts. 

Are the comfort foods and cuisines offered by Mushroom Burger ideal for vegans and vegetarians? 

Yes, most comfort foods and cuisines offered by Mushroom Burger are ideal for vegans and vegetarians as they are healthy, and some do not contain meat. 

What makes Mushroom Burger unique? 

The healthy and great-tasting dishes made with mushrooms make Mushroom Burger unique. 

Where are the branches of Mushroom Burger located? 

The branches of Mushroom Burger are located in the following areas: 

  • Tagaytay (Km 60 Kaybagal South, Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines) 
  • Quezon City (91 West Ave, Project 7, Quezon City 1119 Metro Manila)

What are the services offered by Mushroom Burger? 

Both its branches in Tagaytay and Quezon City offers dine-in restaurant, function room, and delivery services, but its Tagaytay branch has additional services, such as a playground and farm. 

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