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Presenting “Kaz Pares”—a hearty hug of fragrant broth and soft meat. For those in need of something comfortable to eat, it’s a haven with its kind personnel and attentive service. Enter the magnificent setting and be ready for an unparalleled food journey.

KAZ PARES Menu Philippines Updated

Beef Pares₱ 100.00
Bulalo₱ 380.00
Kaz Set W/ Garlic Rice₱ 155.00
Kaz Set W/ Plain Rice₱ 150.00
Kimchi₱ 70.00
Mami Pares₱ 110.00
Mami Set W/ Garlic Rice₱ 165.00
Mami Set W/ Plain Rice₱ 160.00
Siomai₱ 80.00
Photo Credit: Kaz Pares FoodPanda Page
Mineral Water₱ 20.00
Soft Drinks₱ 30.00
Egg₱ 20.00
Garlic Rice₱ 20.00
Plain Rice₱ 15.00
Photo Credit: Kaz Pares FoodPanda Page

About Kaz Pares

You’ll find a haven at Kaz Pares where each piece of meat and each sip of soup feels like a loving embrace. Reputable for its competent service, this business welcomes customers year-round with a team of friendly professionals. Yet, the ambiance, which emanates a breathtaking charm certain to elevate your dining experience, is even more captivating than the cuisine and service.

Kaz Pares’ Menu Best Seller

Get set to enjoy the top choices from Kaz Pares’ menu, sure to fill your hunger and make you craving a lot more!

  • Beef Pares: Prepare to appreciate the succulent, juicy texture of slow-cooked beef, wrapped in a flavorful sauce that provides absolute comfort with every mouthful. You’ll want more of this deliciousness.
  • Bulalo: Dive into a steaming bowl of Bulalo, where fragrant marrow combines with succulent cattle shanks to create a rich, incredibly fulfilling soup. It’s the ideal comfort food, suitable for any gathering!
  • Kaz Set with Garlic Rice: Treat yourself in the delicious combination of grilled meats presented with aromatic garlic rice in the Kaz Set. Taste explosions with every bite that you may not want to miss!
  • Mami Pares: Enjoy a warm noodle soup filled with tender beef pieces, springy noodles, and rich broth that combines Filipino and Chinese flavors. It’s a soothing delight for the senses!
  • Mami Set with Plain Rice: Have fun in pure comfort with the Mami Set, which includes a delicious bowl of noodle soup and fluffy rice. It’s an ideal mix to satiate your appetites!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kaz Pares located?

 Kaz Pares is located on Pedro Gil Street in Barangay 694, 5th District.

What cuisine does Kaz Pares serve?

Kaz Pares specializes in Filipino comfort foods, especially soups and beef meals.

What are Kaz Pares’ operating hours?

Kaz Pares’ opening hours may vary, but they normally serve lunch and dinner.

Does Kaz Pares take reservations?

Yes, Kaz Pares takes bookings for small and large groups, assuring a consistent dining experience for all guests.

Does Kaz Pares provide delivery or take-out services?

Yes, Kaz Pares may provide delivery and takeout services for customers who prefer to eat at home.

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