Slammin’ Menu Prices

Hey foodies! Let’s talk about a hidden gem in the world of fast casual dining: Slammin’ Mini Burgers! If you’re craving big flavors in bite-sized portions, you’re in for a treat, because Slammin’ offers perfectly crafted miniburgers served alongside crispy fries and an array of mouthwatering dips. Whether you’re dining solo or sharing with friends, Slammin’ delivers on taste and quality every time.

Slammin’ Menu Philippines Updated

All American Sliders₱ 145.00₱ 215.00
Bacon N’ Mushroom₱ 165.00₱ 245.00
Big Kahuna₱ 165.00₱ 245.00
Crispy Chicks₱ 125.00₱ 185.00
Go Fish₱ 125.00₱ 185.00
John Candy₱ 165.00₱ 245.00
Slammin’ Cheese₱ 125.00₱ 185.00
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Big Trouble₱ 185.00₱ 265.00
Cheese Louise₱ 165.00₱ 245.00
Mavrik₱ 165.00₱ 245.00
Photo Credit: Slammin’ Facebook Page
Bottled Water₱ 25.00
Slammin’ Iced Tea₱ 35.00
Soda In Can₱ 40.00
All American Sliders₱ 210.00₱ 280.00
Bacon N’ Mushroom₱ 230.00₱ 310.00
Big Kahuna₱ 230.00₱ 310.00
Crispy Chicks₱ 190.00₱ 250.00
Go Fish₱ 190.00₱ 250.00
John Candy₱ 230.00₱ 310.00
Slammin’ Cheese₱ 190.00₱ 250.00
All Wings (6Pcs)₱ 175.00
Chicken Nuggets₱ 115.00
Fish N’ Chips₱ 185.00
Wings & Chips₱ 165.00
Extra Large Fries₱ 115.00
Large Fries₱ 85.00
Loaded Fries₱ 125.00
Medium Fries₱ 55.00

About Slammin’

Located in the heart of Greenhills Promenade 3, San Juan, Slammin’ Mini Burgers is a haven for fast casual dining lovers. Specializing in miniburgers, fries, and a variety of dips, Slammin’ brings big flavor in bite-sized portions reminiscent of Chili’s big burger bites. While it may not match high-end eateries, Slammin’ excels in simplicity and convenience, making it perfect for movie snacks. Packaged neatly, their sliders offer a hassle-free way to enjoy diverse flavors without the mess, catering to both burger aficionados and those seeking a light yet satisfying meal.

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Slammin’s Menu Best Seller

Step right up and discover Slammin’s star attraction—the Menu Best Seller that’s stealing hearts and satisfying cravings with every bite!

  • John Candy – Sink your teeth into the John Candy, where juicy 100% all-beef patty meets gooey cheddar cheese, crispy honey-cured bacon, savory sautéed onions, all crowned with a drizzle of irresistible salted caramel.
  • Romeo + Juliet – Immerse in the Romeo + Juliet, a love story on a bun featuring a succulent 100% all-beef patty paired with rich cheddar cheese, crisp honey-cured bacon, and luscious strawberry jam, all hugged by a blanket of salted butter.
  • Big Kahuna – Embark on a flavor adventure with the Big Kahuna, featuring a juicy 100% all-beef patty topped with melty cheese, crispy bacon, sweet pineapple chunks, a kick of sriracha mayo, all harmonized with a captivating teriyaki glaze.
  • All American Sliders – Dive into nostalgia with the All-American Sliders—perfectly-sized, perfectly-flavored bites of America, boasting tender beef patties, gooey cheese, and all the fixings nestled between soft buns.
  • Bacon N’ Mushroom – Elevate your slider experience with the Bacon N’ Mushroom—succulent bacon paired with earthy mushrooms atop juicy beef patties, delivering a symphony of flavors that will have you reaching for seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Slammin’ Mini Burgers apart from other fast-casual restaurants?

Slammin’ distinguishes itself with its focus on miniburgers, fries, and a variety of dips, providing a unique and convenient dining experience.

What are the operating hours of Slammin’ Mini Burgers?

Slammin’ is open daily, from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Where is Slammin’ located?

Ground Floor, Greenhills Promenade 3 1502 San Juan, Philippines

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Does Slammin’ Mini Burgers offer catering services for events and parties?

Yes, Slammin’ Mini Burgers caters a variety of events and parties. You can reach them directly at (02) 584 8103 or through their social media pages.

Can Slammin’ Mini Burgers accommodate bulk orders for large gatherings?

Of course! For any kind of occasion—business, birthday, or family—Slammin’ is happy to take bulk orders so that everyone can enjoy an abundance of delectable sliders. For orders and requirements, simply get in touch with them at (02) 584 8103 or through their social media pages.

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