Kingcorn Menu Prices

Hey foodies! Today, let’s captivate our palate with a spotlight on Kingcorn. From the classic buttery goodness to adventurous seasonings, this corn sensation invites you on a flavor-packed journey. Join me as we explore the kingdom of Kingcorn, where every kernel reigns supreme, offering a regal treat for your snacking pleasure!

Kingcorn Menu Philippines Updated

Corn Coblets₱ 40.00
Corn On The Cob₱ 40.00
Shredded Corn₱ 40.00
Photo Credit: Kingcorn Facebook Page
Popcorn (Bucket)₱ 80.00
Popcorn (Jumbo)₱ 40.00
Popcorn (Tumbler)₱ 60.00
Photo Credit: King Corn Facebook Page
Cheese₱ 180.00
Sweet & Salty₱ 150.00
Corn-Licious (16Oz)₱ 49.00

About Kingcorn

Step into the nostalgic realm of Kingcorn, a beloved fixture in Filipino malls with numerous branches. A cherished part of every Pinoy kid’s upbringing, Kingcorn crafts corn-based treats like Corn Coblets, Corn on the Cob, Popcorn, and their iconic Shredded Corn snack. Evoking memories of school recess and merienda, Kingcorn is synonymous with affordable and delicious treats. Their claim to fame, the Shredded Corn, offers a wonderful combination of shredded corn kernels seasoned with salt, butter, and the unmistakable bright-orange cheese powder, creating an enduring symbol of Filipino snacking culture.

Kingcorn’s Menu Best Seller

Get ready for a flavor explosion as we delve into the heart of Kingcorn’s Menu Best Seller. From the crispy nostalgia of their iconic Shredded Corn, to the savory treat of Corn Coblets and Popcorn, each bite is a trip down memory lane.

  • Cheesy Shredded Kingcorn – Savor the magic of Kingcorn’s Cheesy Shredded Corn, a symphony of buttery goodness and the signature bright-orange cheese powder. It’s a snack fit for royalty, satisfying every craving.
  • Frosty Corn Juice Drink – Immerse yourself in the cool embrace of real CORN kernels with Kingcorn’s Frosty Corn Juice Drink, reminiscent of the classic mais con yelo. A refreshing companion to your corn-filled adventure.
  • Hot ‘N Spicy Corn – Ignite your palate with Kingcorn’s Hot ‘N Spicy Corn. Each kernel is infused with fiery flavors that elevate the snacking experience, creating a perfect blend of heat and crunch.
  • BBQ King Corn – Treat your palate to the irresistible BBQ King Corn, a delectable fusion of smoky barbecue goodness and the natural sweetness of corn. It’s a flavorful journey that will have you coming back for more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kingcorn known for?

Kingcorn is renowned for its nostalgic corn-based snacks and drinks.

Where can I find Kingcorn?

Kingcorn has multiple branches in various malls across the Philippines such as in SM Supermalls, Robinson, and Ayala Malls nationwide

Is Kingcorn suitable for all ages?

Certainly! Kingcorn’s snacks, beloved by 90s Pinoy kids, continue to be a favorite for all generations. Their menu caters to diverse tastes, making it an enjoyable experience for snack lovers of all ages.

Can I order Kingcorn for delivery?

Yes. You can book your own third-party delivery services such as in FoodPanda.

What sets Kingcorn apart from other snack options?

In addition to its delectable taste, what distinguishes Kingcorn from other snack options is its commitment to offering not only delicious but also healthy treats. Kingcorn’s snacks provide a satisfying and guilt-free experience, setting them apart in the snacking landscape.

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