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Bored with your regular drink? Check out Koomi for a new and fun experience! Koomi offers varieties of sweet delights such as drinks and desserts that have clever concepts and unique ideas that are well-thought-of to fully maximize your awesome Koomi experience.

KOOMI Menu Philippines Updated

Berry Cherry Christmas₱ 182.00
Let It Snow Peach Mango₱ 182.00
Ubebe It Cold Outside₱ 182.00
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Koomikkada Bundle 5+1₱ 680.00
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Simply Koomi Froyo₱ 399.00
Waterberry Froyo₱ 421.00
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Boba Cheese₱ 182.00
Matcha Cheese₱ 182.00
Oreo Cheese₱ 182.00
Red Velvet Cheese₱ 182.00
Ube Cheese₱ 182.00
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Avo₱ 206.00
Havana-Go-Nana₱ 194.00
Jack On All Dates₱ 189.00
Kitkat To Believe In Berries₱ 206.00
Taro-Rific₱ 182.00
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A Melon Reasons Lychee₱ 161.00
Avo Nice Day₱ 206.00
Banana Boombastic Nutella Fantastic₱ 200.00
Banana Dance With Some Berries₱ 194.00
Berry Kiwissable₱ 194.00
Chocnut Ka, Biscoff₱ 194.00
Cookies N’Dream₱ 150.00
Dragon Funana₱ 161.00
Mango Cracker Rocker₱ 189.00
Mango Moo₱ 182.00
Nuts About You₱ 189.00
Simply Koomi₱ 111.00
Stick On Me Purple Rice₱ 139.00
Will Ube Mine₱ 189.00
You’Re The Berry Best₱ 182.00
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Banana Boonbastic Nutella Is Fantastic₱ 122.00
Banana Dance With Some Berries₱ 118.00
Berry Kiwissable₱ 128.00
Biscoff Ka Chocnut₱ 111.00
Cookies N’Dream₱ 100.00
Kitkat You Outta My Head₱ 122.00
Mango Cracker Rocker₱ 111.00
Mango Moo₱ 111.00
Melon Reasons Why I Lychee₱ 100.00
Nuts About You₱ 128.00
Stick On Me Purple Rice₱ 100.00
Will Ube Mine₱ 111.00
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Berry Cherry Christmas₱ 182.00
Simply Koomi₱ 111.00
Ube Cheese₱ 182.00
Waterberry Froyo₱ 421.00
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All My Love Froyo₱ 199.00
Koomi Be My Valentine₱ 159.00
Waterberry Wobder Yogurt Cake₱ 218.00
Avo Nice Day Cake₱ 194.00
Mango Choco Moo₱ 194.00
Waterberry Wonder₱ 194.00
Will Ube Mine Yogurt₱ 194.00
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Koomi is a great way for something fresh and fun! With their Koomi best sellers they provide nothing but quality and healthy meals for you to quench your thirst and to satisfy your sweet cravings as well. It is a perfect shop if you want drinks with a punch of crazy ideas and innovation that will bring fun to your day. 

Koomi Menu Best Seller

Cookies N’ Dream – I’m sure we can all agree that cookies are perfect for absolutely everything! There is no doubt that this yogurt and cookie fusion is one of their best drinks because it is surely a hit for people who love their drink sweet because the sourness of yogurt fights the sweetness of cookies and fruit honey yet you still get the yogurt feeling that Koomi serves to their drinks.

Mango Moo – Fan of sweet mango? This zesty Koomi flavor has a perfect recipe of sweet yellow mangoes, fruit honey, and especially their yogurt drink that perfectly blends together and soothes your mouth in every sip of this Mango Moo.

Banana Dance with some Berries – The best thing to experience at Koomi is the fruitiness of their delicious delight. This Banana Dance with some Berries is a combination of blueberries, strawberries, and bananas that danced together with honey and yogurt to achieve the delicious sweetness you have been craving for!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Koomi really healthy?

Yes, they are considered more healthy drinks in comparison with sugar-filled milk teas. They specialize in yogurt as part of every product they offer which has a lot of good health benefits.

What is the difference between Koomi Aussie and Filipino blend?

The Aussie Blend is sour and less sweet with more yogurt. However, when it comes to Filipino blend they made it even sweeter to make sure that even. children will enjoy it. The sweetener is made from fruit honey, and all the components are natural and fresh.

Does Koomi have sugar?

NO, Koomi does not use sugar in the drink they offer. They use Honey as a sweetener and are dedicated to using natural and fresh ingredients in order to fully maximize the potential of yogurt’s health benefits.

What are the operating hours of Koomi?

Koomi typically starts its daily serving from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. However, operating hours always depend on every store location.

Is Koomi HALAL Certified?

NO, Koomi is not HALAL Certified.

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