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Experience the home of Frozen Yogurt in the Philippines today at Llao Llao. I have been meaning to talk about this trending shop for a while now and now that I got to tell you about one of the wonders of Llao Llao, let us venture together why this hit trending shop has received massive attention, especially from Millenials and Gen Z’s. Here is their menu collection.

Llao Llao Menu Philippines Updated

Add Frozen Yogurt On Top₱ 40.00
Premium₱ 229.00
Regular₱ 199.00
Photo Credit: llaollaoweb.com
Extra Topping₱ 40.00
Large (3 Toppings)₱ 219.00
Medium (3 Toppings)₱ 199.00
Petitllao₱ 50.00
Small (1 Topping)₱ 129.00
Small (No Topping)₱ 99.00
Photo Credit: Llao Llao Facebook Page
1 Liter (Frozen Yogurt 3 Toppings)₱ 879.00
1 Liter (Refill)₱ 570.00
1/2 Liter (Frozen Yogurt 3 Toppings)₱ 719.00
1/2 Liter (Refill)₱ 420.00
Photo Credit: Llao Llao GrabFood Page
Premium₱ 192.00
Small₱ 91.00
Tall₱ 109.00
Photo Credit: llaollaoweb.com
Extra Topping₱ 40.00
Llaoglass Frozen Yogurt 2 Toppings₱ 119.00
Refill₱ 129.00
Photo Credit: llaollaoweb.com
Petit₱ 199.00
Regular₱ 219.00
Photo Credit: llaollaoweb.com


Llao Llao is a frozen yogurt shop in the Philippines that highlights a great number of flavors with its add-ons such as fruits and syrups. Although some might feel that it is a bit pricey, a lot of people think it is reasonably priced considering that it is a frozen yogurt and not just an ice cream. It is also known that yogurts have great benefits for our body such as its high in probiotics and vitamins and its ability to help digestion

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Llao Llao Menu Best Seller

Since the main highlight of Llao Llao is its toppings, let us make a selection of their best-selling toppings that you might want to add to your yogurt.

Lotus Bischoff – Lotus Bischoff is a powdered form of toppings that is added on top of your yogurt. It is one of my favorites and it is always something I look forward to every time I order at Llao Llao.

Mangoes – The sweetness of these mango bits greatly complements the sourness of yogurts giving you heavenly bites. 

Sanum – Although this is not a topping but a different style of delight that they offer at Llao Llao, I decided to include this on our list. It features a variety of fruits that you can choose from along with the sauce and powders. The yogurts are placed on top and at the bottom of the cup while the middle part is filled with the fresh goodness of fruits.

Frequently Asked Questions in Llao Llao

What type of cuisine does Llao Llao offer?

Llao Llao offers quality and fine yogurt delights that features varieties of add-ons such as sauces that add a delectable taste and heavenly bites. 

How do you pronounce Llao Llao?

It is pronounced as /yao-yao/. It is an ancient Spanish word that means Healthy.

Why is Llao Llao so popular?

Llao Llao has gotten famous in the Philippines because of its trends in Social Media such as Facebook and Tiktok. They are also famous for their toppings that truly give you an elevated experience.

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Who is the founder of Llao?

The Founder of Llao Llao is Pedro Espinosa. He founded this business in 2009 in Spain and now become one of the globally recognized yogurt shops.

Is Llao Llao HALAL Certified?

Yes, Llao Llao is a frozen yogurt business chain that offers HALAL Certified goodies.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/llaollaoPhilippines/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/llaollaophilippines/?hl=en

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