L.A. Bakeshop Menu Prices

Indulge yourself with the artistic flair of baked goodies at L.A. Bakeshop. A guaranteed delightful experience will meet you as you enjoy yourself with their delectable pastries and exquisite treats that will surely give you a comforting bite. Here is their menu collection and let us make delightful choices at L.A. Bakeshop.

L.A. Bakeshop Menu Philippines Updated

Pack Of 10₱ 30.00
Pack Of 10₱ 45.00
Pack Of 10₱ 45.00
Pack Of 20₱ 60.00
Pack Of 25₱ 75.00
Pan Jumbo₱ 75.00
Pandesal Classic Big₱ 4.50
Pandesal Classic Small₱ 3.00
Pandesal Cookies₱ 3.00
Pandesito Big₱ 4.50
Pandesito Small₱ 3.00
Pesto Stick₱ 30.00
Toasted Pan₱ 40.00
Photo Credit: L.A. Bakeshop Facebook Page
Asado Bunn Big₱ 30.00
Cheesedog₱ 20.00
Choco Munchies₱ 3.00
Donut With Cheese₱ 9.00
Ham And Cheese₱ 13.00
Pusit₱ 7.00
Tuna Bunn Big₱ 35.00
Ube Bunn₱ 15.00
Photo Credit: L.A. Bakeshop Facebook Page
Box Of 12₱ 356.00
Cheese Roll₱ 15.00
Cheesy Taisan₱ 65.00
Quezo Roll₱ 35.00
Taisan Plain₱ 60.00
Ube Cheesedesal₱ 28.00
Photo Credit: L.A. Bakeshop Facebook Page
Photo Credit: L.A. Bakeshop Facebook Page
Ensayamada Round In Canister₱ 130.00
Ensayamada Round In Canister Salted Egg₱ 135.00
Ensaymada Loaf₱ 80.00
Ensaymada Loaf (Salted Egg)₱ 85.00
Plain Cheese And Ham₱ 25.00
Salted Egg₱ 27.00
Ube Ensaymada Regular₱ 32.00
Ube Ensaymada Round In Canister₱ 165.00
Photo Credit: L.A. Bakeshop Facebook Page


L.A. Bakeshop offers quality bread and pastries such as their iconic cheese rolls and Spanish bread. They are committed to serving the best-baked bread that they have been serving since then. They believe that consistency is the key to maintaining greatness while immersing it in the goodness of innovation.

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L.A. Bakeshop Menu Best Sellers

Cheese Rolls – Starting it with my favorite. These cheese rolls have a well-defined taste and are not too soft but have the right amount of fluffy texture of the bread. The cheese stuffed in it is truly delectable and I could say that it is beyond comparison.

Spanish Bread – This Spanish bread is one of their best-selling collections and it is one of the go-to breads of most people. It has the right texture too. It has a rich flavor and a well-blended combination of their mixture.

Ensaymada – I love ensaymada the way I love Cheese rolls. Maybe the cheese is what made me love it even more. It has the right sweetness and I can’t get enough of the cheesiness of this ensaymada that is why I recommend ordering two ensaymada because you will surely crave more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does L.A. Bakeshop offer?

LA Bakeshop has an immense collection of bread that has been well-loved by Filipinos since then. They offer their iconic Spanish Bread, Cheese rolls, and more.

When wasL.A. Bakeshop launched in the Philippines?

LA Bakeshop has an undeniably great reputation among Filipinos because of the delectable bread they serve since 1985.

What are the operating hours of L.A. Bakeshop?

The typical operating hours of L.A. Bakeshop start as early as 7 AM to 7 PM. There are selected stores that are still operating until 8 PM which only applies to specific branches.

Is L.A. Bakeshop HALAL Certified?

Due to the lack of given information regarding L.A. Bakeshop’s HALAL Certification. It cannot be considered a HALAL-Certified Bakeshop.

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Social Media Links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/la.bakeshop1985

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/labakeshoppamp/?hl=en

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