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A blazing adventure awaits you here at Mann Hann! Where a flavorful delight from the best flavors of Chinese cuisine is served at every table. They offer the most iconic dim sum and other savorfull collections that are certainly worthy of checking out. Come on and join me as we make new memories and unforgettable moments with their menu collection.

Mann Hann Menu Philippines Updated

*Beancurd Roll₱ 210.00
*Japanese Siomai₱ 180.00
*Shrimp And Vegetable Dumpling₱ 210.00
*Xiao Long Bao₱ 295.00
Chicken Feet₱ 165.00
Dumplings (Steamed And Fried)₱ 185.00
Hakaw₱ 210.00
Kikiam₱ 160.00
Machang₱ 155.00
Radish Cake₱ 150.00
Shrimp Roll₱ 245.00
Siomai (Pork And Shrimp)₱ 185.00
Siopao (2Pcs Per Order) Asado, Spicy Asado, Bola-Bola, Kutchay (With Pork)₱ 95.00
Soy Tofu₱ 185.00
Taipao₱ 190.00
Taosi Spareribs₱ 185.00
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Almond Jelly₱ 160.00
Black Almond Jelly₱ 160.00
Black Gulaman₱ 160.00
Bottled Water₱ 85.00
Buchi (4Pcs)₱ 120.00
Buko / Assorted Sherbet₱ 185.00
Calamansi Juice₱ 150.00
Chilled Taho₱ 90.00
Fresh Buko Juice₱ 140.00
Fresh Fruit Shake In Season₱ 180.00
Fresh Lemonade₱ 160.00
Honey Lemon Tea Liter /Glass₱ 250.00 / ₱ 120.00
Lemon Basil Frost₱ 170.00
Mango Cheesecake₱ 135.00
Mango Sago₱ 155.00
Sago Gulaman₱ 160.00
San Miguel Ligh₱ 125.00
San Miguel Pale Pilsen₱ 125.00
Softdrinks In Can₱ 95.00
Sugarfree Cheesecake₱ 135.00
Batchoy Seaweed Soup₱ 340.00
Beef Noodles₱ 350.00
Beef Wonton Noodles₱ 390.00
Chicken Corn Soup₱ 440.00
Clam Soup₱ 340.00
Duck Misua₱ 420.00
Fishball Soup₱ 210.00
Green Seafood Soup₱ 495.00
Hot And Sour Soup₱ 440.00
Hototai₱ 440.00
Lomi₱ 395.00
Maki (Maki Balls With Shrimp)₱ 345.00
Maki Mi₱ 370.00
Oyster Misua₱ 390.00
Roast Chicken Noodles₱ 350.00
Seafood Lomi₱ 410.00
Wonton Noodles₱ 325.00
Wonton Soup₱ 295.00
Photo Credit: Mann Hann GrabFood Page
Cereal Prawns (200G Per Order)₱ 495.00
Fish Fillet With Broccoli Flower₱ 465.00
Fish Tofu₱ 465.00
Fried Fish Fillet₱ 465.00
Fried Squid / Spicy Squid₱ 465.00
Fried Squid Head₱ 465.00
Oyster Cake₱ 465.00
Prawn Tempura₱ 465.00
Prawn Tempura Wrapped In Bacon₱ 465.00
Spicy Prawn (200G Per Order)₱ 465.00
Sweet And Sour Fish Fillet₱ 465.00
Taosi Clams₱ 465.00
Taosi Fish Fillet₱ 465.00
Taosi Fish Fillet With Ampalaya₱ 465.00
Photo Credit: Mann Hann GrabFood Page
*Orange Chicken₱ 465.00
Beef Ampalaya₱ 465.00
Beef Brisket₱ 465.00
Beef Broccoli Flower₱ 465.00
Cereal Chicken₱ 465.00
Chinese Beef Tenderloin₱ 465.00
Lechon Macau With Tofu₱ 475.00
Lumpiang Shanghai₱ 340.00
Lutong Lechon Macau₱ 475.00
Roast Chicken (Half Chicken)₱ 465.00
Spicy Spareribs Forever₱ 465.00
Sweet & Sour Pork₱ 465.00
Sweet & Sour Spareribs₱ 465.00
Three Cup-Chicken₱ 465.00
Photo Credit: Mann Hann Facebook Page
Beef Hofan₱ 455.00
Cha Bihon / Sate Bihon₱ 465.00
Fried Noodles With Pork And Seafood₱ 465.00
Fried Noodles With Seafood₱ 495.00
Long Live Chami₱ 465.00
Miki Bihon₱ 455.00
Pancit Canton₱ 465.00
Pork Leg Bihon₱ 495.00
Prawn Sotanghon₱ 460.00
Saeafood Chami₱ 495.00
Sate Chami₱ 465.00
Seafod Pancit Canton₱ 495.00
Seafood Cha Bihon₱ 495.00
Seafood Hofan₱ 495.00
Seafood Miki Bihon₱ 495.00
Soy Noodles₱ 380.00
Photo Credit: Mann Hann Facebook Page
Bagoong Kangkong₱ 295.00
Broccoli Flower With Garlic₱ 380.00
Broccoli Flower With Shitake₱ 380.00
Eggplant With Minced Pork₱ 330.00
French Beans With Taosi₱ 330.00
Fresh Lumpia₱ 135.00
Garlic Kangkong₱ 295.00
Mapo Tofu₱ 365.00
Polunchay₱ 370.00
Photo Credit: Mann Hann Facebook Page
Beef Ampalaya Rice₱ 395.00
Beef Broccoli Flower Rice₱ 395.00
Broccoli With Shitake Rice₱ 395.00
Fish Broccoli Flower Rice₱ 395.00
Fish Tofu Rice₱ 395.00
Fried Fish Fillet Rice₱ 395.00
Lechon Macau Rice₱ 395.00
Spicy Spareribs Rice₱ 395.00
Sweet And Sour Fish Fillet Rice₱ 395.00
Sweet And Sour Pork Rice₱ 395.00
Sweet And Sour Spareribs Rice₱ 395.00
Taosi Fish Fillet Rice₱ 395.00
Taosi Spareribs Rice₱ 395.00
Photo Credit: Mann Hann Facebook Page
Fookien Rice₱ 465.00
Garlic Rice₱ 265.00
Plain Rice₱ 70.00
Salted Fish Fried Rice₱ 465.00 / ₱ 280.00
Spicy Sansi Fried Rice₱ 465.00
Yang Chow Fried Rice₱ 465.00 / ₱ 280.00
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Mann Hann is undeniably one of the perfect restaurants out there for your Chinese food cravings. They offer all of the flavors of Chinese cuisine such as salty, spicy, and sweet meals that showcase the artistic flair of China. their menu offers one of the trademarks of Chinese cuisine such as Dim Sum, Noodles, and other savorfull collections that are waiting for you at Mann Hann.

Mann Hann Menu Best Seller

Yang Chow Fried Rice – I am a bit biased about this but this fried rice is one of their best-selling dishes that has been one of my favorite Chinese foods that is close to my heart. Their version of this is extra flavorful with the various seasonings added that are perfect to partner for every meal at Man Hann.

Crispy Pata – Yes, you read it right! Mann Hann also offers this iconic and well-loved Filipino dish that features a crispy pork skin that is deep-fried intricately until it reaches the desired crispiness for this meal. I certainly believe that it has a well-deserved spot in this ranking.

Mann Hann beef with Broccoli and Oyster Sauce – When it comes to beefiness, this dish is unmatched! Aside from being delicious, this dish is also healthy with its vegetables which are high on fiber and high protein. It is also one of the safest options if it’s your first time dining at Mann Hann.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Mann Hann offer?

Mann Hann offers a collection of Chinese cuisine that showcases high-quality and premium ingredients that are reasonably priced.

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What are the operating hours of Mann Hann?

Mann Hann is available daily to serve your favorite Chinese food from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Is Mann Hann suitable for family dining?

Yes, I definitely recommend Mann Han for family dining due to its perfect ambiance and calming atmosphere inside the restaurant.

Is Mann Hann HALAL Certified?

No, Mann Hann’s highlights is Chinese cuisine which greatly features pork meats.

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