Uncle Moe Menu Prices

Brace yourselves for another culinary adventure at Uncle Moe. They offer your favorite Beef Kebab. and other flavorful shawarmas that guarantee great quality and ultimate beefiness. Let us venture into the world of this burst of flavor dishes in Uncle Moe’s menu collection.

Uncle Moe Menu Philippines Updated

Hummus₱ 110.00
Keema Nachos₱ 180.00
Moutabal₱ 110.00
Oxbrain₱ 180.00
Tapenade₱ 110.00
Photo Credit: Uncle Moe’s GrabFood Page
Beef Kebab₱ 95.00
Buttered Rice₱ 40.00
Chicken Kebab₱ 95.00
Extra Butter₱ 15.00
Pita Bread₱ 25.00
Tomato Salsa₱ 20.00
Photo Credit: Uncle Moe’s GrabFood Page
All My Tea₱ 60.00
Beer₱ 60.00
Beer Bucket Of 6₱ 330.00
Bottled Water₱ 35.00
Soda₱ 60.00
Sola₱ 60.00
Super Dry₱ 90.00
All-Beef Shawarma₱ 172.00
All-Chicken Shawarma₱ 172.00
Beef Shawarma₱ 129.00
Beef Shawarma Rice₱ 155.00
Cheesy Keema Shawarma₱ 95.00
Chicken Shawarma₱ 129.00
Chicken Shawarma Rice₱ 155.00
Special Beef Shawarma₱ 195.00
Photo Credit: Uncle Moe’s Facebook Page
Beef Kebab₱ 165.00
Chicken Curry₱ 165.00
Chicken Kebab₱ 170.00
Kebab Platter₱ 185.00
Keema₱ 140.00
Kofta Balls₱ 255.00
Moroccan Fish Fillet₱ 220.00
Moussaka Melt₱ 175.00
Photo Credit: Uncle Moe’s Facebook Page
Beef₱ 160.00
Chicken₱ 160.00
Photo Credit: Uncle Moe’s Facebook Page


Uncle Moe is a great place for your savorfull cravings with a burst of flavors and spices. You can have your favorite Beef Kebab, Shawarma, and other Extras that are waiting for you to enjoy. All dishes are guaranteed to be made with passion and commitment to serve you nothing but the best of Uncle Moe.

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Uncle Moe Menu Best Seller

Beef Kebab – Starting this list with beef Kebab is a must. It is one of the most favorite items at Uncle Moe taking your shawarma to the next level.It is best recommended with rice to fully infuse all the beefy flavors.

Cheesy Keema Shawarma – This shawarma is one of the best things at Uncle Moe. The cheesiness of every bite will surely give you the utmost comfort for your day. Perfect for your quick bite or to satisfy your shawarma cravings.

Special Beef Shawarma – When it comes to beefiness, this special beef shawarma is undeniably the best. The combination of keema, beef, cream cheese, chilis, and saute onions gives you the right fusion of flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Uncle Moe offer?

Uncle Moe offers a great collection of flavorful dishes such as chicken curry, beef kebab, a vast selection of shawarma, and more.

What is Uncle Moe known for?

Uncle Moe is known for their Beef Kebab and Shawarma collections which are definitely a must-try at Uncle Moe.

What are the operating hours of Uncle Moe?

Uncle Moe’s operating hours start from 10 AM to 9 PM serving their dish any day of the week.

Is Uncle Moe HALAL Certified?

No, Uncle Moe is not a recommended place for Muslim patrons due to their dishes that feature products that have no HALAL certification.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unclemoesshawarma

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unclemoesshawarma/?hl=en

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