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Annyeong, all you fans of Korean dramas! Would you like to experience the k-drama fever? Follow me for an EGG-citing adventure as we try and savor the famous egg drop sandwich popular among Koreans which is now available in the Philippines only at Momo Egg Drop. Mesmerize with me in their appetizing menus.

Momo Eggdrop Menu Philippines Updated

Busan₱ 190.00
Gangnam Eggdrop₱ 160.00
Gwangju Eggdrop₱ 190.00
Incheon Eggdrop₱ 180.00
Itaewon₱ 210.00
Jeju Eggdrop₱ 200.00
Seoul Eggdrop₱ 230.00
Photo Credit: Momo Facebook Page
Bacon Buttered Rice₱ 150.00
Beef Kimchi Rice₱ 210.00
Chicken Buttered Rice₱ 180.00
Chicken Kimchi Rice₱ 210.00
Egg Kimchi Rice₱ 160.00
Fish Fillet Buttered Rice₱ 170.00
Spam Buttered Rice₱ 170.00
Spam Kimchi Rice₱ 200.00
Photo Credit: Momo Facebook Page
Beef Kimchi Rice Platter₱ 1,600.00
Chicken Kimchi Rice Platter₱ 1,520.00
Egg Kimchi Rice Platter₱ 1,200.00
Spam Kimchi Rice Platter₱ 1,520.00
Photo Credit: Momo Facebook Page
Kpop Chicken Popcorn₱ 105.00
Kpop Chicken Skin₱ 105.00
Kpop Tofu₱ 70.00
Photo Credit: Momo Facebook Page
Momo Coffee Mocha₱ 110.00
Momo Cold Brew₱ 110.00
Momo House Bled Iced Tea₱ 85.00
Busan Slider₱ 100.00
Donghae Slider₱ 99.00
Gangnam Slider₱ 90.00
Gwangju Slider₱ 100.00
Itaewon Slider₱ 110.00
Jeju Slider₱ 100.00
Seoul Slider₱ 120.00

About Momo Eggdrop

Momo originated as a business venture involving five friends during a pandemic outbreak in 2021. Due to the pandemic’s significant impact on the food sector, this group of friends introduced “something new to the table” that they can offer to the Filipino market. The popularity of k-drama during that period, which frequently showcased egg drop sandwiches, is where this trend originated. 

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Momo Eggdrop Best Seller Menu

Want to taste some varieties of egg drop sandwich recipes? Here are some of their best-sellers that will surely make you say “mashisoyo!”

  • Seoul Eggdrop (Spam, Mango & Nori)– An appetizing sandwich made up of crunchy toast, well-seasoned spam, velvety scrambled eggs, melting cheese, savory nori, and luscious mangoes enclosed within two fluffy brioche slices of bread. This delightful blend provides a pleasing juxtaposition of flavors which will make you yearn for more.
  • Gwangju Eggdrop (Bacon & Corn)- A delicious dish that combines the softness of brioche bread with the crunchiness of bacon, the natural sweetness of maize, and the cheesy richness. Enhanced with soft scrambled eggs and a touch of parsley, every bite offers a delicious flavor experience which will make you hungry for extra.
  • Jeju Eggdrop (Premium Ham & Avocado)– An homage to the relaxed island culture of Jeju through culinary means. Enjoy a delicious combination of creamy eggs, excellent-quality ham, melted cheddar, and delicious avocado, sandwiched atop of toasty brioche bread. Savor the mouthwatering tastes of this delicious sandwich that perfectly encapsulates Jeju’s allure from dawn to dusk.
  • Itaewon (Chicken & Pesto)– a mouth-watering combination of Western-influenced and Korean tastes. Soft eggs, chicken, pesto, and soft cheese are sandwiched together on top of perfectly buttered brioche bread in this sensational sandwich. This irresistible dish pays homage to the varied cuisines of Itaewon with a sprinkle of parsley and the signature “Momo Sauce.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Momo Eggdrop located?

Uptown Mall BGC Taguig (3F Uptown Mall)

Can we place orders in bulk?

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Yes. It is very much okay as they accept bulk orders which they give discounts.

Can I order at Momo Eggdrop for delivery?

Yes, you can choose the delivery app that best suits your needs.

How much is the shipping fee?

Fee will depend on the app or platform chosen by the customer.

Is it possible to cancel or alter my order?

Once the orders are being placed, they are instantly being processed making it unable to cancel or alter orders.

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