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Looking for a restaurant that goes beyond the usual Chinese cuisine and guarantees a great dining experience? You’ve come to the right place, as we will discuss the cuisines on North Park’s menu that always satisfy its diners and have gained their trust and approval. The dishes it offers consist of well-loved family recipes that stood the test of time, encouraging customers to return for more. 

North Park Menu Philippines Updated

3 Kinds Of Mushroom With Imported Broccoli Flower In Oyster Sauce₱ 263
Fried Beancurd Skin With Shitake Mushroom In Oyster Sauce₱ 183
Kingdao Spareribs With Red Sauce₱ 308
North Park Chow Mien₱ 408
North Park Special Toast Noodles₱ 408
Salt And Pepper Spareribs₱ 278
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Crab And Corn Soup₱ 303.00
Superior Soup Aniseed Beef Tendon₱ 223.00
Superior Soup Nanking Beef₱ 298.00
Superior Soup Soup Fresh Prawn Dumpling₱ 308.00
Superior Soup Wanton₱ 188.00
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Bbq Pork Asado Roast Specialty₱ 258.00
Dried Pork Sausage Roast Specialty₱ 298.00
Lechon Macau Roast Specialty₱ 408.00
Roast Combination Platter₱ 838.00
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Braised Noodle 3 Kinds Of Mushroom₱ 213.00
Braised Noodle Aniseed Beef Tendon₱ 273.00
Braised Noodle Double Pork Rib₱ 288.00
Braised Noodle Fresh Prawn Dumpling₱ 353.00
Braised Noodle Nanking Beef₱ 333.00
Braised Noodle Plain₱ 108.00
Braised Noodle Szechwan Tan Tan Mien₱ 243.00
Braised Noodle Wanton₱ 233.00
Photo Credit: North Park Facebook Page
Fish Fillet With Soft Tofu In Tausi Hot Pot₱ 348.00
Lechon Macau With Eggplant Hot Pot₱ 498.00
Nanking Beef And Tendon With Raddish Hot Pot₱ 398.00
Photo Credit: North Park Facebook Page
Chicken Ball With Shiitake Congee₱ 153.00
Crystal Prawn In Congee With Shiitake Mushroom₱ 238.00
Fresh Fish Fillet Blanced In Congee₱ 163.00
North Park Superior Congee₱ 368.00
Plain Congee₱ 103.00
Pork Bola Bola Congee 6 Pcs₱ 158.00
Pork Bola-Bola Congee₱ 158.00
Shredded Pork With Century And Szechuan And Vegetable Congee₱ 168.00
Sliced Tender Beef Congee₱ 223.00
Photo Credit: North Park Facebook Page
Noodles In Soup With Aniseed Beef Tendon – Light₱ 193.00
Noodles In Soup With Aniseed Beef Tendon – Regular₱ 248.00
Noodles In Soup With Fresh Prawn Dumpling – Light₱ 233.00
Noodles In Soup With Fresh Prawn Dumplings – Regular₱ 328.00
Noodles In Soup With Nanking Beef – Light₱ 213.00
Noodles In Soup With Nanking Beef – Regular₱ 308.00
Noodles In Soup With Wanton – Light₱ 133.00
Ultimate Noodles₱ 518.00
Photo Credit: North Park Facebook Page

About North Park

North Park is a homegrown restaurant founded by Raphael Soon and started as a seafood restaurant in 1988 at Binondo, Chinatown. The generous servings, reasonable prices, and the recipes they have mastered over generations make them popular. Each chef is trained personally by Soon Family to keep the authenticity and consistency of the flavors of their cuisines. 

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North Park Menu Best Seller 

Thinking about what food from North Park will satisfy your cravings? These are some of the best sellers of this restaurant that are worth trying as these cuisines are uniquely Chinoy crafted meticulously to suit Pinoy tastes. 

China Chicken – It is the North Park’s best-selling cuisine since it was established. The half chicken is marinated with the best oriental spices and deep-fried to perfect crispiness and golden-brown state. Its crispy texture creates a wonderful contrast with the tenderness and juiciness of the meat. 

Sweet and Sour Pork – The century-old recipe of this sweet and sour pork has been perfected by this restaurant to give its diners a delicious cuisine with authentic taste. It is prepared by deep-frying Cantonese-style pork fillet and cooking it with pineapple, green bell pepper, and sweet and sour sauce. 

Ampalaya Con Carne – Even if you are not into vegetables, you’ll gonna surely love them after you try this ampalaya con carne. An authentic Chinese recipe is used in preparing this dish to achieve its genuine and delicious taste. The tender and aromatic beef slices are cooked with bitter gourd (ampalaya) and black beans. 

Soft Tofu Veggie Stir Fry – Tofu is one of the best-selling dishes of this restaurant because the beancurd served is well-loved for its custard-like silky soft texture and melt-in-your-mouth goodness. It is a good source of protein and fiber, making this a nutritious cuisine. The sauteed straw mushroom halves, crisp broccoli florets, and fried garlic on its top make it aesthetically appealing. 

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Imported Broccoli Flower in Oyster Sauce – If you are a vegetarian, health-conscious, or simply want a light and healthy meal, this one is perfect, as it is rich in flavonoids and low-calorie content. The crisp, fresh, and imported broccoli florets are generously smothered with premium oyster sauce. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best sellers in North Park? 

China Chicken, Shanghai Chicken, Stir-Fry with Beef Broccoli Flower, Sweet, and Sour Fish Fillet, and Ampalaya Con Carne are some of the best sellers in North Park. 

What type of cuisine does North Park offer? 

Chinoy or Chinese and Filipino cuisines are the types of cuisine offered by North Park. 

Can I host private events at North Park? 

Yes, you can host private events at North Park. 

Who owns North Park? 

North Park is owned by Raphael Soon. 

Does North Park offer promos? 

Yes, North Park has several promos where you can enjoy their best deals. 

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