Ooma Menu Prices

Craving Japanese cuisine with a genuine and distinctive taste? Have your craving satisfied with the delicious dishes on the Ooma menu that you can enjoy in their stores or the comfort of your home or office. Aside from satisfying your cravings, its dishes also have a reasonable price and generous servings, and its staffs are friendly and approachable, so you will have an excellent Japanese dining experience that you will surely enjoy. 

Ooma Menu Philippines Updated

Crispy Tako Maki₱ 265.00
Ebi Tempura Maki₱ 255.00
Spicy Tuna Maki₱ 280.00
Tempura Soft Shell Crab Maki₱ 335.00
Unagi Cheese Maki₱ 315.00
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Ebi And Kani Aburi Maki₱ 285.00
Iyster Aburi Maki₱ 275.00
Kimchi Prawn And Enoki Aburi Maki₱ 285.00
Roasted Eggplant Aburi Maki₱ 245.00
Salmon Skin Aburi Maki₱ 290.00
Salmon Tartare Aburi Maki₱ 335.00
Scallop And Tuna Aburi Maki₱ 295.00
Tamago And Cheese Aburi Roll₱ 245.00
Truffled Steak Aburi Maki₱ 295.00
Unagi Mentaiko Aburi Maki₱ 335.00
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Beef Udon₱ 395.00
Buta Kakuni Udon₱ 395.00
Ebi Tempura And Roasted Tomato Cold Soda₱ 335.00
Tori Udon₱ 395.00
Tsukemen₱ 345.00
Udon Bolognese₱ 395.00
Unagi Truffle Mushroom Hot Soda₱ 520.00
Uni Udon₱ 495.00
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Aburi Mixer₱ 589.00
Crowd Favorites₱ 598.00
Maki Mixer₱ 589.00
Taco-Maki Mixer₱ 375.00
Black Sesame Ice Cream₱ 120.00
Grean Tea Ice Cream₱ 120.00
Half Baked Chocolate Lava Cake₱ 235.00
Mochi And Matcha Cheesecake₱ 245.00
Vanilla Ice Cream₱ 95.00
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Agedashi Tofu₱ 265.00
Edmame₱ 225.00
Fried Young Corn₱ 185.00
Hiyayaykko₱ 235.00
Kani Salad₱ 295.00
Kimchi Gyoza₱ 245.00
Miso Soup₱ 75.00
Mushroom Chips₱ 225.00
O-Gyoza₱ 245.00
Roasted Beet, Tomato, And Watermelon Salad₱ 265.00
Tori Karaage₱ 235.00
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Salmon Tataki₱ 325.00
Scallop Tataki₱ 495.00
Spicy Tuna₱ 325.00
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California Taco-Maki₱ 175.00
Ikura Taco-Maki₱ 315.00
Soft Shell Crab Taco – Maki₱ 230.00
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Buta Kakuni₱ 370.00
Chicken Teriyaki₱ 315.00
Ebi Tempura₱ 398.00
Garlic Steak₱ 498.00
Gindara₱ 995.00
Hanger Steak₱ 498.00
Cheese Katsu Curry Don₱ 345.00
Chirashi Don₱ 585.00
Gyu Katsu Curry Don₱ 345.00
Gyudon₱ 299.00
Kaysudon₱ 299.00
Oyakodon₱ 299.00
Unagi Don₱ 995.00
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Ooma is a homegrown concept created by The Moment Group to give customers a unique experience by elevating casual Japanese fare. It specializes in serving authentic Japanese cuisines with bold flavors, creative presentations, and special twists. The name Ooma is a Japanese word, which means good, so they always do their best to provide people with good food and service. 

Ooma Menu Best Seller 

Japanese cuisines are known for their delicious and distinctive flavors, gratifying combination of textures, and colorful and creative presentations. Here are some of the best-selling dishes of this restaurant that will give you an enjoyable meal, as they are prepared in a unique way. 

1. Maki Mixer – Ebi Tempura, Spicy Tuna, Kimchi Prawn and Enoki Aburi, and Crispy Tako are the maki served in this set. It is an ideal choice if you want to try different variants of maki or if you are dining in groups with varied preferences. There is a fire in every bite of these makis, as they are packed with delicious flavors that will boost your appetite. 

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2. Salmon Tataki – Bursting with vibrant colors and fresh flavors, this salmon tataki is truly aesthetically pleasing. The salmon is marinated in special spices and seasonings to make it more flavorful and served with red radish, shiso, and dalandan vinaigrette. The modern take of Ooma in this traditional Japanese cuisine makes it unique and satisfying. 

3. Ebi Tempura – It is a popular cuisine commonly served in Japanese restaurants, as customers enjoy its fresh flavors and crunchy texture. The special seasonings and sauces that add a unique taste and satisfying goodness to this classic ebi tempura are aonori, aligue mayo, herb aioli, and tempura sauce. 

4. Crowd Favorites – All the crowd-favorite aburi and maki dishes come in this set, such as Salmon Skin, Truffled Steak, Spicy Tuna, and Ebi Tempura. This is a perfect good-for-sharing meal that will surely impress the palate of everyone and give you a good Japanese dining experience. It is also an ideal way of introducing yourself to Japanese cuisine, especially if you are trying it for the first time. 

5. Hanger Steak – Hanger steak is prized for its hearty flavors, tenderness, and juiciness. The tender slices of Ooma’s signature Hanger Steak are cooked with special spices and seasonings and laid on a bed of mashed potato. It is also served with sauteed mushrooms and crispy baby potatoes and sprinkled with chopped spring onions for an additional taste and texture. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ooma? 

Ooma is a restaurant serving authentic Japanese cuisine. 

What are the must-try items at Ooma? 

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The must-try items at Ooma are Ebi Tempura, Aburi Mixer, Cheese Katsu Curry Don, Hanger Steak, and Gyudon Bento. 

Does Ooma offer a loyalty card? 

Yes, just avail a moment card that you can use to get discount coupons, points, and exclusive rewards at Ooma. 

Does Ooma offer an e-gift certificate? 

Yes, visit momentgroup.ph/e-gift to send an e-gift certificate to your loved ones. 

Where are the branches of Ooma located? 

The branches of Ooma are in Bonifacio Global City, Greenbelt, Greenhills, Megamall, Molito, Rockwell, and Salcedo. 

Social Media Links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oomaph

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ooma_ph/?hl=en

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