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Every day is a great day for Pizza at Sbarro. They offer a vast collection of pizzas that features the best flavors of foreign spices. they are well known for their New York Style pizza along with their flavorful pasta that is a sure hit. Let us take a wondrous journey at Sbarro and its flavorful menu experience. 

Sbarro Menu Philippines Updated

4 Cheese Chicken₱ 199.00
Ham Cheese₱ 199.00
Ham Pineapple Pepperoni₱ 199.00
Pepperoni Stromboli₱ 199.00
Sausage Stromboli₱ 199.00
Spinach Stromboli₱ 199.00
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Pan Meat Delight₱ 159.00₱ 1,199.00
Pan Mushroom Spinach₱ 159.00₱ 1,199.00
Pan Pineapple Pepperoni₱ 159.00₱ 1,199.00
Pan Supreme₱ 159.00₱ 1,199.00
Pan Vegetarian₱ 159.00₱ 1,199.00
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Ny Four Cheese₱ 159.00₱ 899.00
Ny Hawaiian₱ 159.00₱ 899.00
Ny Pepperoni₱ 159.00₱ 899.00
Ny Sausage₱ 159.00₱ 899.00
Ny Sbremo₱ 159.00₱ 899.00
Ny White₱ 159.00₱ 899.00
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Chicago All Meat₱ 229.00₱ 1,759.00
Chicago Everything₱ 229.00₱ 1,759.00
Chicago Meatballs₱ 229.00₱ 1,759.00
Chicago Supreme₱ 229.00₱ 1,759.00
Chicago White₱ 229.00₱ 1,759.00
Stuffed Philly Cheese Steak₱ 219.00₱ 1,679.00
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Cheese Calzone₱ 179.00
Meatball Sausage Pepperoni Calzone₱ 179.00
Meatballs Calzone₱ 179.00
Sausage Pepperoni Calzone₱ 179.00
Spinach Mushroom Calzone₱ 179.00
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A La Carte₱ 159.00
Chicken Bianco W/ Rice₱ 199.00
Roasted Chicken₱ 179.00
Roasted Chicken W/ Rice₱ 209.00
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Baked Ziti₱ 159.00₱ 279.00
Baked Ziti Meatball₱ 199.00₱ 329.00
Chicken Parmigiana₱ 149.00₱ 249.00
Chicken Pesto Pasta₱ 159.00₱ 239.00
Meat Lasagna₱ 269.00
Meat Lasagna Meat Sauce₱ 299.00
Spaghetti Carbonara₱ 149.00₱ 229.00
Spaghetti Meat Sauce₱ 159.00₱ 199.00
Spaghetti Tomato₱ 129.00₱ 179.00
Spinach Lasagna₱ 249.00
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Caesar Salad₱ 139.00
Chicken Caesar Salad₱ 139.00
Chicken Macaroni Salad₱ 139.00
Cucumber & Tomato Salad₱ 139.00
Cucumber, Tomato & Cabbage Salad₱ 139.00
Fruit Salad₱ 139.00
Green Garden Salad₱ 139.00
Black Forest₱ 149.00₱ 999.00
Blueberry Cheesecake₱ 149.00₱ 1,699.00
Carrot Cake₱ 149.00₱ 1,049.00
Cheese Cake₱ 139.00₱ 1,499.00
Cheese Cake₱ 149.00₱ 1,699.00
Chocolate Cake₱ 149.00₱ 949.00
Mango Cake₱ 149.00₱ 1,049.00
Red Velvet₱ 149.00₱ 1,049.00
Tres Leches₱ 149.00₱ 949.00
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Sbarro is definitely the heart of New York Style Pizza, they offer a great collection of pizza that you can share with your family and other special people because the quality of their pizza is truly commendable providing a great vibe for food. Aside from Pizza, they are also famous when it comes to their pasta which is ranked as one of the top favorites on their menu.

Sbarro Menu Best Seller

Double Duo Pepperoni  – The layers of pepperoni is truly unmatched in this pizza meal because of its generous layer of high-quality pepperoni. It is one of the safest options for pizza that everyone will surely love. It features meat with a special hint of spicy bites.

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Meat Primo – Just as it is named, this meat primo is a haven pizza for everyone who loves a meaty bite of pizza. It features the great flavors of sausage, ham, pepperoni, and a special crunch of bacon. Perfect for a barkada night out that will surely be loved by everyone.

Roman Veggie – Of course, we should never miss this salad that features a combination

 of roasted vegetables such as red onion, portobello mushrooms, tomato slices, fresh spinach, and red pepper with the final touch of mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Sbarro offer?

Sbarro shares a great collection of pizza and pasta menus along with their delectable salad collections that are definitely a must-try.

Where did Sbarro come from?

Sbarro is a globally recognized pizza chain that originated in Brooklyn that is serving its delicious pizza since 1958.

Where is the nearest Sbarro in my area?

Sbarro has several branches here in the country. You can track and locate the nearest branch of Sbarro in your area via this link at 

What are the operating hours of Sbarro?

You can have your favorite Sbarro pizza any day of the week while their operating hours starts from 10 AM to 9 PM.

Is Sbarro HALAL Certified?

No, Sadly Sbarro features a large collection of pizzas that are made out of pork meats such as ham and bacon.

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