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Hey, foodies! Come and join me in savoring the delectable world of Plato Wraps, where convenience meets culinary experience. Dive into a symphony of flavors as we unwrap the goodness of their favorite-to-go healthy wrap meals, filled with scrumptious ingredients. Get ready for a mouthwatering journey that combines convenience and deliciousness, all in the form of Plato Wraps’ irresistible creations.

Plato Wraps Menu Philippines Updated

Beef Gyros₱ 162.00
Chunky Chicken₱ 115.00
Ham & Cheese₱ 102.00
Peri Peri Latino Wrap₱ 133.00
Very Veggie₱ 90.00
Wrap & Roll₱ 94.00
Yummy Tuna₱ 120.00
Photo Credit: Plato Wraps Facebook Page
Chicken₱ 440.00
Photo Credit: Plato Wraps Facebook Page

About Plato Wraps

Plato Wraps presents an amazing menu featuring folded pita bread with an array of scrumptious fillings. Served hot and made to order, each wrap promises freshness and deliciousness, making it the ideal snack for those on the go. The very veggie wrap caters to vegetarians and health-conscious individuals. Established in 2001 by Kamela Seen, Plato Wraps originated from a passion for creating unique and beloved bread. Its popularity led to franchising opportunities in 2003, with the brand winning hearts for its affordability, portability, healthiness, and delicious flavors.

Plato Wraps’ Menu Best Seller

Join me on a culinary journey with Plato Wraps’ Menu Best Seller! From savory classics to inventive twists, these wraps are a testament to Plato Wraps’ mastery in crafting the perfect, portable, and palate-pleasing snack.

  • Chunky Chicken – Brace yourself for a flavor explosion with Plato Wraps’ Chunky Chicken, a mouthwatering treat of succulent chicken wrapped in warm pita bread. A hearty, satisfying experience in every bite.
  • Ham and Cheese – Embark in the classic comfort of Plato Wraps’ Ham and Cheese, where the perfect marriage of savory ham and creamy cheese unfolds within the embrace of soft pita. A timeless treat for any craving.
  • Yummy Tuna – Elevate your taste experience with Plato Wraps’ Yummy Tuna, a symphony of fresh tuna, crisp veggies, and signature dressing, all encased in the wonderful warmth of pita. A tuna lover’s dream come true.
  • Beef Gyros – Immerse yourself in the savory treat of Plato Wraps’ Beef Gyros, where tender beef, vibrant veggies, and captivating sauce harmonize within the folds of warm pita. A culinary journey that satisfies every craving.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize my wrap at Plato Wraps?

Absolutely! Plato Wraps offers the flexibility to customize your wrap according to your preferences, ensuring a personalized and delicious experience.

Are Plato Wraps made fresh upon ordering?

Indeed! Each wrap is meticulously prepared upon ordering, guaranteeing that you receive a hot, fresh, and amazing snack filled with your favorite ingredients.

Is there a vegetarian option on the menu?

Certainly! Plato Wraps caters to all preferences with a Very Veggie Wrap, specially crafted for vegetarians or health-conscious customers.

Can I order Plato Wraps for delivery?

Yes, Plato Wraps is available via FoodPanda and GrabFood, ensuring that you can enjoy an amazing wrap in the comfort of your house.

Can I find Plato Wraps outside Dagupan?

Absolutely! Since introducing franchising in 2003, Plato Wraps has expanded its presence, allowing customers to enjoy their wraps at various locations beyond Dagupan.

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