Potato Corner Menu Prices

What’s up, fries enthusiasts! I am sure you are familiar with this shop because it has always been one of the great destinations for your flavorful fries cravings. Another great thing here at this shop is their long list of available flavors for you to choose from in their menu. Let us talk about Potato Corners and here are their delightful collections for you to check out.

Potato Corner Menu Philippines Updated

Giga₱ 179.00
Jumbo₱ 85.00
Large₱ 55.00
Mega₱ 110.00
Pop Corn₱ 99.00
Regular₱ 29.00
Super Chicken Pop Meal₱ 159.00
Super Chicken Pop Snack₱ 109.00
Super Chicken Pop Solo₱ 99.00
Tera₱ 209.00
Photo Credit: potatocorner.com
Photo Credit: potatocorner.com
Bbq₱ 10.00
Bleu Cheese₱ 10.00
Butter And Garlic₱ 10.00
Cheese₱ 10.00
Chili Barbeque₱ 10.00
Chili Lime₱ 10.00
Chocolate₱ 10.00
Cinnamon₱ 10.00
Cookies And Cream₱ 10.00
Cotton Candy₱ 10.00
Curry₱ 10.00
Honey Butter₱ 10.00
Ketchup Mayo₱ 10.00
Kimchi₱ 10.00
Maple Bacon₱ 10.00
Paprika₱ 10.00
Ranch O Cheddar₱ 10.00
Seafood₱ 10.00
Sour Cream₱ 10.00
Spicy Cheese₱ 10.00
Sweet And Sour₱ 10.00
Sweet Corn₱ 10.00
Truffle₱ 10.00
Wasabi₱ 10.00
White Cheddar₱ 10.00
Photo Credit: Potato Corner Facebook Page


Potato Corner is one of the largest food chains in the Philippines that specializes in flavorful fries. They are accessible especially in every mall so you can have your Potato Corner cravings anywhere you go. Considering that they have been serving their fries for over 25 years, it is no doubt that they are the “World’s Best Flavored Fries”.

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Potato Corner Menu Best Seller

Classic – Nothing can truly beat classic, with this choice of flavors at Potato Corner. It is enriched with the original flavors of Potatoes that will surely give you a classic experience with your favorite fries.

Sweet and sour Onion – These fries have been one of my go-to fries at Potato Corner. The fusion of sweetness and sourness is unmatched which gives the onion kicks in every bite of these fries.

Chili BBQ – Your Potato corner experience is not complete if you have missed trying this Chili Barbeque flavor. it exudes the perfect barbeque aroma with its flavorful and spicy bites that will surely be one of your favorites at Potato Corner.

Frequently Asked Questions at Potato Corner 

What is Potato Corner? 

Potato Corner is a globally recognized brand that serves flavorful fries collections that are a massive hit, especially among Filipinos.

Where can I find Potato Corner stores? 

Potato Corner is a very accessible shop in the Philippines because of its countless branches available in every province. You can go through this link to see what the nearest branch available in your area potatocorner.com/store-locator/ 

What kind of products does Potato Corner offer? 

Potato Corner offers a collection of outstanding flavors you can choose for your fries. Their best-sellers are Sweet and Onion, Chili Barbeque and more.

Is Potato Corner HALAL Certified?

Yes, Potato Corner is a popular food chain in the Philippines that offers HALAL Certified flavored fries.

Social Media Links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PotatoCorner/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/potatocornerph/?hl=en

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/PotatoCornerPH

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