The Fat Skillet Menu Prices

Attention food lovers! If you’re searching for an unparalleled gourmet burger adventure, then The Fat Skillet is the place to be. These aren’t your typical burgers, I assure you. Every bite, from the succulent patties to the delicious toppings, is a flavor-filled adventure you won’t soon forget. Prepare to experience the ultimate in burger bliss at The Fat Skillet!

The Fat Skillet Menu Philippines Updated

Double Fat Burger Special₱ 330.00
Fat Burger Deluxe₱ 220.00₱ 290.00
Fat Burger Regular₱ 180.00₱ 230.00
Fat Burger Special₱ 235.00₱ 295.00
Fat Chick’N Burger₱ 250.00
Fiery Chick’N Burger₱ 270.00
Photo Credit: The Fat Skillet Facebook Page
Classic Caesar Salad W/ Bacon Bits₱ 225.00
Fiery Chick’N Bites₱ 150.00
Grilled Tomato & Pepper Soup W/ Grilled Cheese Sandwich₱ 250.00
Home-Style Bolognese Pasta W/ Butter Toast Bread₱ 220.00
Photo Credit: The Fat Skillet Facebook Page
Bottled Water₱ 35.00
Engkanto Beer₱ 180.00
San Miguel Pale Pilsen₱ 140.00
Smirnoff Mule₱ 140.00
Soda₱ 100.00
Soft Drinks₱ 85.00
Photo Credit: The Fat Skillet Facebook Page
Burger Fries₱ 250.00
Cheesy Bacon Fries₱ 190.00
Cheesy Fries₱ 150.00
Lyonnaise Potatoes₱ 135.00
Regular Fries₱ 130.00
Sloppy Fries₱ 180.00
Photo Credit: The Fat Skillet Facebook Page
Classic Grilled Cheese₱ 150.00
Fat Chicken Wings₱ 270.00
Bacon Egg & Cheese₱ 285.00
Cheesy Omelette Sandwich₱ 215.00

About The Fat Skillet

Located in Quezon City, The Fat Skillet is the ultimate destination for gourmet burger lovers. Each bite of their super delicious burgers is a culinary treat, featuring perfect buns that stay wonderfully unsoggy and fresh, and high-quality ingredients are meticulously chosen to create mouthwatering combinations. The Fat Skillet’s signature Fat Burger Special is a crowd favorite, with its juicy beef patty, delectable toppings, and irresistible signature sauce, leaving patrons craving for more in just seconds.

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The Fat Skillet’s Menu Best Seller

Hold onto your senses, because we’re about to unveil The Fat Skillet’s culinary champion – the amazing dishes that are guaranteed to make your mouth water and your senses sing with joy!

  • Fat Burger Special – Brace yourself for burger perfection with the Fat Burger Special – a succulent 100% pure smashed beef patty nestled in a buttery brioche bun, topped with caramelized onions, fresh tomato, crisp lettuce, creamy gouda cheese, and The Fat Skillet’s irresistible special sauce.
  • Double Fat Burger Special – Get ready to double the goodness with the Double Fat Burger Special – featuring two juicy 100% pure smashed beef patties piled high on a brioche butter bun, adorned with smoky bacon, ripe tomato, crunchy lettuce, rich cheddar cheese, and drizzled with The Fat Skillet’s luscious creamy balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
  • Fat Chick’n Burger – Immerse in crispy perfection with the Fat Chick’n Burger – boasting a crispy chicken leg fillet nestled in a buttery brioche bun, slathered with The Fat Skillet’s secret sauce and garlic aioli, and topped with fresh tomatoes, onions, and crisp lettuce. It’s a flavor explosion that’ll have you re-ordering for more!
  • The BEC (Bacon Egg & Cheese Sandwich) – Start your day right with The BEC – a classic omelet sandwich loaded with savory bacon, fluffy eggs, and gooey cheese, all sandwiched between two slices of buttery toast. It’s the ultimate comfort food that’s sure to satisfy your breakfast cravings!
  • The Neapolitan – Dive into flavor paradise with The Neapolitan – succulent wings drenched in classic creamy garlic parmigiana sauce, served with a side of tangy ranch dip. It’s a mouthwatering combination of creamy, garlicky goodness that’ll leave you craving for another bite!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The Fat Skillet’s burgers special?

The Fat Skillet’s burgers are made with 100% pure smashed beef patties, nestled in buttery brioche buns, and topped with fresh, high-quality ingredients, creating a flavor-packed experience.

Where is The Fat Skillet located?

102 Scout De Guia, Sacred Heart 1103 Quezon City, Philippines

Can I customize my order at The Fat Skillet?

Absolutely! The Fat Skillet welcomes customizations to suit your preferences, whether it’s adding extra toppings, choosing different options, or selecting your favorite sauces.

Is The Fat Skillet available for delivery?

Yes, you can place your order at The Fat Skillet via FoodPanda and GrabFood.

What is The Fat Skillet operating hours?

Open Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 AM to 9 PM.

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