Tiger Winx Menu Prices

Hey, food aficionados! Let’s delve into the world of Tiger Winx, a haven for amazing chicken dishes! Tucked away in the bustling cityscape, this gem is a haven for those who love the flavor of superb chicken wings. So, if you’re craving a culinary escapade that’ll leave you wanting more, Tiger Winx is your ticket to pure bliss.

Tiger Winx Menu Philippines Updated

1.5 Softdrinks₱ 99.00
Basket Of Mojos₱ 125.00
Bottled Water₱ 30.00
Dip Small/Large₱ 25 / ₱ 40
Macaroni Salad₱ 89.00
Mug Cake₱ 149.00
Rice₱ 25.00
Softdrinks Can₱ 55.00
Tiger Fries₱ 89.00
Twister Fries₱ 119.00
Wicked Oreo₱ 99.00
Photo Credit: Tiger Winx Facebook Page
12Pcs Chicken Wings W/ Large Dip₱ 359.00
6Pcs Chicken Wings W/ Small Dip₱ 199.00
Photo Credit: Tiger Winx Facebook Page
4 Pcs Wings & 1 Fries W/ Dip₱ 179.00
4 Pcs Wings & 1 Rice W/ Dip₱ 169.00
Group Meal A₱ 399.00
Group Meal B₱ 429.00
Beefy Spaghetti₱ 329.00
Shrimp Aglio Olio₱ 359.00
Fiesta Size Bilao (Large)₱ 1,949.00
Fiesta Size Bilao (Regular)₱ 1,349.00
Fiesta Size Bilao (Small)₱ 1,049.00

About Tiger Winx

Welcome to Tiger Winx, where great food meets affordability in a laid-back atmosphere! Originally catering to local students, this spot has become a beloved hangout. Their menu boasts delicious chicken wings in flavors like garlic parmesan and honey ginger, alongside pasta dishes and famous tiger fries. With quality always a priority, it’s no wonder they’ve expanded to five locations, drawing in customers far and wide.

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Tiger Winx’s Menu Best Seller

Step into flavor paradise with Tiger Winx menu’s top pick! Get ready to discover why this dish has stolen the hearts of every Tiger Winx’s customers!

Winx and Fries – Dive into a symphony of flavors with four pieces of juicy chicken wings paired perfectly with crispy fries. Take your pick from a range of captivating flavors and prepare for a culinary experience like no other.

Winx and Rice – Immerse in the ultimate comfort meal featuring four-piece tender chicken wings served with fluffy rice. With your choice of delectable flavors, every bite is a burst of satisfaction that’ll have you coming back for more.

Basket of Mojos – Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside – Tiger Winx’s Basket of Mojos is a snack sensation! These potato treats are perfectly seasoned and fried to a crisp golden hue, making them an irresistible finger food for any occasion.

Group Meal A – Group Meal A is designed for 3-4 hungry souls seeking a memorable dining experience. With 12 mouthwatering chicken wings, customizable with three different flavors of your choice, alongside four servings of rice and a large dip, this meal promises to satisfy every palate. Perfect for sharing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Tiger Winx located?

Located at V. Concepcion, Dapitan near Perpetual & UST.

Other branches:

  • P. Noval corner J. Barlin street
  • Merchan St. Brgy. XI, Lucena City
  • Timog Panay Ave.

What are Tiger Winx’s operating hours?

Open daily, from 10 AM to 9 PM.

How many chicken wing flavors are available for the Winx and Fries/Winx and Rice dishes?

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Customers can choose from a selection of mouthwatering flavors, including garlic parmesan, honey ginger, creamy chili cheese, and soy spicy, to accompany their Winx and Fries or Winx and Rice orders.

Do you offer delivery or takeout options?

Yes, Tiger Winx offers delivery and takeout options, ensuring customers can enjoy their favorite dishes wherever they are. Tiger Winx is also available via FoodPanda and GrabFood.

What makes Tiger Winx’s chicken wings stand out?

The chicken wings from Tiger Winx are well-known for their intense flavors and succulent texture. Every wing is expertly seasoned and fried, guaranteeing a delicious taste with each bite.

Social Media Pages

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tigerwinx2016/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tigerwinx/?hl=en

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