Tokyo Tokyo Menu Prices

Looking for a Japanese Classic Experience? I’m sure you don’t wanna miss out Tokyo Tokyo with their outstanding Japanese dining experience of its menu collection especially its famous Bento Meals to their meticulous Japanese interior design to surely top up your Japanese experience as you dine in at Tokyo Tokyo.

Tokyo Tokyo Menu Philippines Updated

Coke (1 Liter)₱115.00
Coke In Can₱75.00
Coke Mismo₱50.00
Coke Zero In Can₱75.00
Red Iced Tea₱75.00
Red Iced Tea (16Oz)₱80.00
Red Iced Tea (20Oz)₱85.00
Revel Bar₱50.00
Beef & Mushroom Burger₱180.00
Beef & Mushroom Burger Snack Bento₱255.00
California Maki Burger Ala Carte₱135.00
Katsu Burger₱180.00
Katsu Burger Snack Bento₱255.00
Katsu Cheeseburger₱180.00
Katsu Cheeseburger Snack Bento₱265.00
Katsu Maki Burger Ala Carte₱145.00
Maki Burger Sampler₱415.00
Niku Maki Burger Ala Carte₱145.00
Wagyu Burger₱235.00
Wagyu Burger Snack Bento₱320.00
Photo Credit: Tokyo Tokyo Facebook Page
2-Pc Umami Fried Chicken Classic Bento₱335.00
2-Pc Umami Fried Chicken Maki Bento₱335.00
3Pc Chicken Karaage Classic Bento₱280.00
3Pc Chicken Karaage Maki Bento₱280.00
3Pc Honey Chicken Teriyaki Classic Bento₱285.00
3Pc Honey Chicken Teriyaki Maki Bento₱285.00
3Pc Orange Yuzu Chicken Classic Bento₱285.00
3Pc Orange Yuzu Chicken Maki Bento₱285.00
3Pc Prawn Tempura Classic Bento₱335.00
3Pc Prawn Tempura Maki Bento₱335.00
6Pc Chicken Karaage Maki Bento₱335.00
6Pc Chicken Karage Classic Bento₱335.00
6Pc Honey Chicken Teriyaki Classic Bento₱335.00
6Pc Honey Chicken Teriyaki Maki Bento₱335.00
6Pc Orange Yuzu Chicken Classic Bento₱335.00
6Pc Orange Yuzu Chicken Maki Bento₱335.00
Beef Misono Classic Bento₱335.00
Beef Misono Maki Bento₱335.00
Beef Yakiniku Classic₱335.00
Beef Yakiniku Maki Bento₱335.00
Best Chicken Teriyaki Classic Bento₱335.00
Best Chicken Teriyaki Maki Bento₱335.00
Chicken Menchi Katsu Bento₱335.00
Chicken Menchi Katsu Maki Bento₱335.00
Grilled Pork Teriyaki Classic Bento₱335.00
Grilled Pork Teriyaki Maki Bento₱335.00
Pork Tonkatsu Classic Bento₱335.00
Pork Tonkatsu Maki Bento₱335.00
Prawn & Kani Tempura Classic Bento₱335.00
Prawn & Kani Tempura Maki Bento₱335.00
Prawn & Veggie Tempura Classic Bento₱335.00
Prawn & Veggie Tempura Maki Bento₱335.00
Wagyu Cubes Classic Bento₱335.00
Wagyu Cubes Maki Bento₱335.00
Photo Credit: Tokyo Tokyo Facebook Page
1 Pc Umami Fried Chicken₱125.00
1 Pc Umami Fried Chicken With Red Iced Tea₱175.00
2 Pc Umami Fried Chicken₱220.00
2 Pc Umami Fried Chicken With Red Iced Tea₱270.00
Photo Credit: Tokyo Tokyo GrabFood Page
2-Pc Umami Fried Chicken Bento Ala Carte₱255.00
3Pc Chicken Karaage Bento Ala Carte₱180.00
3Pc Honey Chicken Teri Yaki Bento Ala Carte₱185.00
3Pc Orange Yuzu Chicken Bento Ala Carte₱185.00
3Pc Prawn Tempura Bento Ala Carte₱235.00
6 Pc Orange Yuzu Chicken Bento Ala Carte₱255.00
6Pc Chicken Karaage Bento Ala Carte₱235.00
6Pc Honey Chicken Teriyaki Bento Ala Carte₱255.00
Beef Misono Bento Ala Carte₱235.00
Beef Yakiniku Ala Carte₱235.00
Best Chicken Teriyaki Bento Ala Carte₱235.00
Chicken Menchi Katsu₱255.00
Grilled Pork Teriyaki Ala Carte₱235.00
Pork Tonkatsu Bento Ala Carte₱235.00
Prawn Kani Tempura Bento Ala Carte₱255.00
Prawn Veggie Tempura Bento Ala Carte₱235.00
Wagyu Cubes Bento Ala Carte₱255.00
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12 Sticks Wagyu Cubes Platter₱795.00
12Pc Chicken Karaage Platter₱400.00
12Pc Honey Chicken Teriyaki Platter₱430.00
12Pc Orange Yuzu Chicken Platter₱430.00
3Pcs Pork Tonkatsu Platter₱395.00
4Pc Prawn Tempura Platter₱250.00
6 Pc Prawn Tempura Platter₱335.00
6 Sticks Wagyu Cubes Platter₱440.00
6Pc Chicken Karaage Platter₱210.00
6Pc Honey Chicken Teriyaki Platter₱250.00
6Pc Orange Yuzu Chicken Platter₱250.00
8Pc Pork Tonkatsu Platter₱885.00
9Pc Karaage Platter₱305.00
9Pc Prawn Tempura Platter₱480.00
Beef Misono Platter₱390.00
Beef Misono Platter₱580.00
Best Chicken Teriyaki Family Platter₱880.00
Best Chicken Teriyaki Platter₱400.00
Umami Fried Chicken 6Pc₱630.00
Vegetable Misono Platter₱215.00
Photo Credit: Tokyo Tokyo Facebook Page
Cheesy Beef Donburi₱210.00
Chicken Karaage Donburi₱125.00
Chicken Menchi Katsu Donburi₱109.00
Gyoza Donburi₱110.00
Menchi Katsudan₱210.00
Pork Tonkatsu Donburi₱125.00
Photo Credit: Tokyo Tokyo Facebook Page
All Beef Misono Tray₱1530.00
All Chicken Karaage Tray₱1545.00
All Chicken Teriyaki Tray₱1545.00
All Pork Tonkatsu Tray₱1530.00
Chicken Menchi Katsu Tray₱1535.00
Mixed Beef Misono Chicken Teriyaki Tray₱1585.00
Mixed Pork Tonkatsu Chicken Karaage Tray₱1585.00
Rice Tray₱350.00
Yakisoba Tray₱925.00
Photo Credit: Tokyo Tokyo Facebook Page
Chashu Pork Ramen₱260.00
Chashu Pork Ramen Premium Upgrade₱360.00
Chashu Pork Ramen Special Upgrade₱340.00
Cheesy Beef Ramen₱280.00
Cheesy Beef Ramen Premium Upgrade₱380.00
Cheesy Beef Ramen Special Upgrade₱360.00
Chicken Teriyaki Ramen₱260.00
Chicken Teriyaki Ramen Premium Upgrade₱360.00
Chicken Teriyaki Special Upgrade₱340.00
Seafood Ramen Premium Upgrade₱360.00
Seafood Ramen Special Upgrade₱340.00
Spicy Chicken Ramen Premium Upgrade₱360.00
Spicy Chicken Ramen Special Upgrade₱340.00
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Beef Gyudon With Red Iced Tea₱260.00
Cheesy Beef Donburi With Red Iced Tea₱260.00
Chicken Karaage Donburi With Red Iced Tea₱185.00
Chicken Menchi Katsu Donburi With Red Iced Tea₱149.00
Chicken Oyakodon With Red Iced Tea₱210.00
Gyoza Donburi With Red Iced Tea₱160.00
Menchi Katsudon With Red Iced Tea₱260.00
Pork Katsudon With Red Iced Tea₱210.00
Pork Tonkatsu Donburi With Red Iced Tea₱185.00
Photo Credit: Tokyo Tokyo Facebook Page
24Pc California Maki Tray₱445.00
24Pc Katsu Maki₱515.00
24Pc Norimaki₱445.00
4Pc California Maki₱95.00
4Pc Katsu Maki₱110.00
4Pc Norimaki₱95.00
4Pc Tempura Dragon Maki₱110.00
8Pc California Maki₱180.00
8Pc Katsu Maki₱200.00
8Pc Norimaki₱180.00
8Pc Tempura Dragon Maki₱200.00
Add-On Shiitake Gravy₱15.00
Mixed Maki Ultimate Pary Tray₱680.00
Peaches Wasabi Salad₱80.00
Potato Balls₱80.00
Yakisoba For Sharing₱155.00
Yakisoba Solo₱90.00
Family Feast For 3₱785.00
Family Feast For 3 With 1L Coke₱810.00
Family Feast For 4₱985.00
Family Feast For 4 With 1L Coke₱995.00
Sumo Meal₱450.00
Sumo Meal With Sides₱510.00
Umami 4 Sharing Meal₱995.00
Photo Credit: Tokyo Tokyo Facebook Page


Tokyo Tokyo is a Japanese style restaurant perfect for people who are interested in trying classic Japanese cuisines. They are the Philippines’ No. 1 Japanese Restaurant and it comes as no surprise because of their great deals and selection of bento meals, ramen, and donburi. That’s why you should not miss out on the best of the best and I’m here to help you narrow down their best seller to make the best decision for you at Tokyo Tokyo.

Tokyo Tokyo Menu Best Seller

Chicken Karaage Donburi-  If you are looking for great Japanese chicken cuisine you should not miss out on their Chicken Karaage Donburi. It is one of the crowd’s favorite and Tokyo Tokyo’s chicken specialties flavored with Japanese spices served with a bowl of steamed rice.

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Cheesy Beef Ramen-  This Authentic Japanese Ramen is surely the vibe for classics. If you are a fan of cheese on a ramen this is certainly perfect for you. It is a bowl filled with the creaminess of savory beef strips and cheesy broth. It is a mouthwatering experience when savory meets cheesiness in a bowl of ramen!

Umami Fried Chicken- This classic Umami Fried Chicken is definitely something to love in Tokyo Tokyo. They are perfectly made chicken spiced up with unique Japanese spices that are perfect with red iced tea. They also offer two chicken in a meal if one umami fried chicken is not enough for you. Indeed, this Umami Fried Chicken is a must-add fried chicken on your list!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisines does Tokyo Tokyo offer?

Tokyo Tokyo offers a large selection of Japanese cuisines such as Umami Fried Chicken, Ramen, and other Sumo Meals good to share with your friends.

How much is the sumo meal in Tokyo Tokyo?

You can order their sumo meal which is good for 2 for just 415 pesos. It is packed with your chosen 2 of their best selling dishes partnered with 2 servings of rice and 2 serving of vegetable misono and 2 red iced tea.

Are there any special promotions available at  Tokyo Tokyo?

You can now enjoy your favorite bento, ramen, and donburi in their new “Four Favorites”. You can mix and match any of four of Tokyo Tokyo’s best sellers and get 4 glasses of 12 oz of their tasty Red Iced Tea all for only 799 pesos.

What are the operating hours of Tokyo Tokyo?

Tokyo Tokyo typically starts to operate from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM but this will always be based on the store location in your area.

Is Tokyo Tokyo HALAL Certified?

No, Tokyo Tokyo is not a Certified HALAL Restaurant.

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