Tropical Hut Menu Prices

Are you down for Classic Snacks? These Tropical Hut snacks will surely bring nostalgia with our nonstop love for burgers and savory snacks with the classic menu collection of their famous chicken meals, pasta, burgers, and desserts that have been loved by Filipinos since the 1980s.

Tropical Hut Menu Philippines Updated

Big Screen Salad₱ 82.50
Chicken Macaroni Salad₱ 58.80
Fruit Salad₱ 58.80
Green Salad Tuna₱ 49.50
Halo-Halo₱ 49.50
Mais Con Hieloi₱ 35.20
Photo Credit: Tropical Hut Facebook Page
Cheesedog Meal With 12 Oz Drink₱ 58.30
Chicken Sandwich Meal With Reg Fries And 12 Oz Drink₱ 89.10
Classic Burger Meal Reg Fries And 12 Oz Drink₱ 121.00
Clubhouse Sandwich Meal With Reg Fries And 12 Oz Drink₱ 126.50
Ham And Egg Sandwich Meal With 12Oz Drink₱ 68.20
Hawaiian Glee Meal With Reg Fries And 12 Oz Drink₱ 115.50
Rancho Ranchero With Reg Fries And 12 Oz Drink₱ 115.50
Regular Cheeseburger Meal With Reg Fries And 12 Oz Drink₱ 79.20
Regular Hamburger Meal With Regfries And 12 Oz Drink₱ 62.70
Shrimp Fillet Meal With Reg Fries And 12 Oz Drink₱ 115.50
Super Cheeseburger Classic₱ 96.80
Tropical Cheeseburger Meal With 12Oz Drink₱ 75.90
Tuna Bunwich Meal With Reg Fries And 12 Oz Drink₱ 75.90
Photo Credit: Tropical Hut Facebook Page
Chicken Meal₱ 92.40
Palabok Espesyal Meal₱ 71.50
Spaghetti And 1 Pc Chicken Meal₱ 110.00
Spaghetti And Regular Burger Meal₱ 89.10
Spaghetti Meal₱ 62.70
Spring Chicken Meal₱ 154.00
Photo Credit: Tropical Hut Facebook Page
1 Pc Burger Steak₱ 60.50
2 Pc Burger Steak Meal₱ 82.50
4 Pc Chicken Shanghai Meal₱ 51.70
Beef Stew Meal₱ 93.50
Bistek Tagalog Meal₱ 93.50
Chicken Katsudon Meal₱ 88.00
Daing Na Bangus Meal₱128.70
Pork Dinuguan Meal₱ 93.00
Quick Fried Beef Meal₱ 93.50
Tapa Meal₱ 99.00
Photo Credit: Tropical Hut Facebook Page
Family Meal₱ 473.00
Family Meal With Spaghetti₱ 583.00
Fried Chciekn₱ 363.00
Photo Credit: Tropical Hut Facebook Page
Black Gulaman₱ 38.50
Hot Chocolate₱ 35.20
Iced Tea₱ 38.50
Mango Juice₱ 38.50
Mineral Water₱ 19.80
Pineapple Juice₱ 38.50
Softdrinks₱ 27.50
Photo Credit: Tropical Hut Facebook Page
Corned Beef Meal₱ 90.20
Daing Na Bangus Breakfast Meal₱ 121.00
Ham Meal₱ 96.80
Hamburger Meal₱ 96.80
Hotcake With Ham Meal₱ 64.90
Hotdog Meal₱ 96.80
Longganisa Meal₱ 90.20
Omellete Meal₱ 75.90
Plain Hotcake Meal₱ 46.20
Tapa Breakfast Meal₱ 93.50
Tocino Meal₱ 90.20
Photo Credit: Tropical Hut Facebook Page


Tropical Hut is one of the most well-known fast food chains before the hit of Jollibee and Mcdonalds. It is the go-to fast food of our elders since the love of burgers, pasta, and chicken meals started. Through the years they have remained consistent with the quality and the consistency of food they serve which captured the heart of every Filipino since then.

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Tropical Hut Menu Best Seller

Spaghetti and Cheese Burger Combo Meal – yes you read it right they are the ones who revolutionize these combo meals that we can see right now in countless fast food chains in the Philippines. It is a classic take on Filipino-style sweet spaghetti and meaty cheeseburger that is considered a top-tier masterpiece at Tropical Hut.

Classic Burger – Now the love for classics continues to burn with this Classic Burger at Tropical Hut! It is guaranteed to be made with 100% pure beef, packed with a juicy patty and the classic aroma we always look forward to. It is then served with aluminum foil with a special mark that guarantees its 100% pure beef patties.

Halo-Halo – Of course Tropical Hut’s Classic Halo Halo is something we should never miss out on dining here. It is a classic combination of sago, leche flan, sweetened banana, ube ice cream, and other things that we usually see in a Halo- Halo. You can also choose 2 scoops or 1 scoop of ube ice cream depending on your preference. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Tropical Hut start in the Philippines?

Tropical Hut became a hit in the 1980s. It is one of the oldest and most prominent fast-food chains in the Philippines which have been loved by Filipinos from then until today. 

What type of cuisine does Tropical Hut offer?

They serve savory snacks such as Burgers, Pasta, and Chicken meals which have been one of their trademarks since then. They also offer desserts such as Mais Con Hielo and Halo-Halo which are perfect for every season!

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Does Tropical Hut offer delivery service? 

Tropical Hut is available at FoodPanda and Grab Food Philippines for faster and more convenient transactions. You can go to their website or download them via Play Store or App Store to order your Tropical Hut’s favorites.

What are the operating hours of Tropical Hut?

Tropical Hut typically starts from 6 AM to 8 PM. Selected branches are available for 24 hours and branches inside the malls are aligned to the operating hours of the specific mall branch they are located.

Is Tropical Hut  HALAL Certified?

NO, Tropical Hut Philippines are not classified as HALAL Certified Restaurant.

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