Yang Chow Menu Prices

Chinese cuisines are close to our hearts and always satisfy our cravings as their flavor is quite similar to our favorite Filipino dishes. The menu of Yang Chow consists of cuisines that are familiar to our taste and perfect for the whole family or group of friends with different preferences. Whether you are having a simple dinner with your loved ones or celebrating a special occasion, this restaurant can cater to all your dining needs, as it offers a la carte meals, party trays, and family bundles. 

Yang Chow Menu Philippines Updated

Beef Steak Chinese Style₱ 398.80
Beef With Ampalaya₱ 328.80
Beef With Black Pepper₱ 388.80
Beef With Broccoli Flower₱ 368.80
Beef With Broccoli Leaves₱ 288.80
Beef With Green Pepper₱388.80
Beef With Scramble Egg₱ 298.80
Slice Beef Mango₱ 388.80
Photo Credit: Yangchow GrabFood Page
Jelly Fish₱ 188.80
Jelly Fish With Century Egg₱ 268.80
Braised Sea Cucumber With Broccoli Flower₱ 328.80
Broccoli Flower With Oyster Sauce₱ 288.80₱ 338.80
Broccoli Leaves With Oyster Sauce₱ 198.80₱ 268.80
Chinese Kangkong With Bagoong₱ 238.80
Chinese Kangkong With Garlic₱ 238.80
Chopsuey Guisado₱ 328.80
Lohanhay₱ 298.80
Spinach₱ 288.80
Taiwan Pechay With Oyster Sauce₱ 188.80₱ 228.80
Photo Credit: Yangchow Facebook Page
Century Egg₱ 79.80
Extra Egg₱ 50.80
Plain Congee₱ 100.80
Pork Century Egg Congee₱ 161.80₱ 198.80
Pork Liver Congee₱ 158.80₱ 198.80
Seafood Congee₱ 173.80₱ 228.80
Slice Fish Congee₱ 158.80₱ 218.80
Photo Credit: Yangchow Facebook Page
Kangkong With Lechon Macau₱ 328.80
Lumpiang Shanghai₱ 298.80
Minced Pork With Lettuce₱ 388.80
Patatim With Cuapao₱ 698.80
Spareribs Ampalaya With Tausi₱ 338.80
Spareribs With Salt & Pepper₱ 388.80
Spareribs Wth Ok Sauce₱ 368.80
Sweet And Sour Pork₱ 358.80
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Cold Cuts 3 Kinds₱ 328.80
Cold Cuts 5 Kinds₱558.80
Lechon Macau₱ 348.80₱ 528.80
Roast Chicken₱ 268.80₱ 478.80
Roast Pork Asado₱ 328.80₱ 528.80
Soyed Taufo₱ 148.80
Photo Credit: Yangchow Facebook Page
Buttered Chicken₱ 328.80
Fried Chicken With Salted Egg Yolk₱ 338.80
Lemon Chicken₱348.80
Sliced Chicken With Cashew Nuts And Quail Egg₱ 368.80
Sweet And Sour Chicken₱ 348.80
Yc Fried Chicken₱ 348.80
Beef Brisket With Raddish In Hot Pot₱ 388.80
Fish Fillet With Taufo In Hot Pot₱ 388.80
Lechon Kawali Hot Pot₱ 388.80
Minced Pork With Eggplant In Hot Pot₱ 318.80
Roast Pork Asado With Taufo In Hot Pot₱ 368.80
Seafood Taufo In Hot Pot₱ 388.80
Sotanghon With Vegetables In Hot Pot₱ 328.80
Photo Credit: Yangchow Facebook Page
Yc 1₱ 1218.80
Yc 2₱ 1558.80
Yc 3₱ 1738.80
Yc 4₱ 1848.80
Photo Credit: Yangchow Facebook Page
Beef Ampalaya Rice₱ 198.80
Beef Brisket Rice₱ 198.80
Chopsuey Rice₱ 198.80
Fish Fillet Taufo Rice₱ 198.80
Fried Chicken Rice₱ 198.80
Hk Style White Chicken Rice₱ 198.80
Roast Pork Asado Rice₱ 198.80
Spareribs Tausi Rice₱ 208.80
Spareribs With Salt & Pepper Rice₱ 208.80
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet Rice₱ 198.80
Sweet & Sour Pork Rice₱ 208.80
Photo Credit: Yangchow Facebook Page
Beef Fried Rice₱ 248.80₱ 368.80
Chicken With Salted Fish Fried Rice₱ 248.80₱ 368.80
Galic Fried Rice₱ 148.80₱ 228.80
Pineapple Fried Rice₱ 388.80
Plain Rice₱ 68.60
Yang Chow Fried Rice₱ 248.80₱ 368.80
Photo Credit: Yangchow Facebook Page
Asado Siopao₱ 138.80
Bola-Bola Siopao₱ 138.80
Chicken Feet₱ 138.80
Cuapao₱ 88.80
Hakaw₱ 158.80
Quail Egg Siomai₱ 138.80
Shark’S Fin Dumpling₱ 138.80
Siomai With Shrimp₱ 138.80
Tausi Spareribs₱ 138.80
Wanton Dumplings₱ 138.80
Photo Credit: Yangchow GrabFood Page
Bihon Guisado₱ 248.80₱ 348.80
Birthday Noodles₱ 368.80
Crispy Noodle Mixed Seafood₱ 369.80
Crispy Noodles Mixed Meat₱ 368.80
Pancit Canton₱ 248.80₱ 348.80
Seafood Canton₱ 248.80₱ 378.80
Sliced Beef Hofan₱ 288.80
Photo Credit: Yangchow Facebook Page
Broccoli Flower With Shrimp₱ 360.80
Broccoli Flower With Squid₱ 338.80
Calamares₱ 290.80
Camaron Rebusado₱ 400.80
Fish Fillet Sweet Corn₱ 369.80
Fish Fillet With Broccoli Flower₱ 388.80
Fish Fillet With Salt & Pepper₱ 391.80
Fish Fillet With Tausi Sauce₱ 391.80
Hot Shrimp Salad₱ 401.80
Salt & Pepper Squid₱ 340.80
Steamed Fish Fillet With Oyster Sauce₱ 401.80
Sweet And Sour Fish Fillet₱ 388.80
Photo Credit: Yangchow Facebook Page

About Yang Chow 

Yang Chow is a Chinese restaurant with multiple branches in the Philippines known for serving various dishes from China, such as dimsum, congee, noodles, soup, fried rice, and much more. It has a refreshing ambiance, pleasing aesthetics, and minimalistic interior design, making it picture-perfect. The attention to detail and creativity in mixing, preparing, and serving dishes will entice you at first sight and impress your palate at first bite. 

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Yang Chow Menu Best Seller 

Yang Chow offers various authentic Chinese cuisines with a genuine and scrumptious taste. Here are some of the best-selling cuisines of Yang Chow that will give you and your loved ones a pleasurable and one-of-a-kind Chinese dining experience. 

1. Yang Chow Fried Rice – From the name of this restaurant, you will already know that yang chow fried rice is one of their specialties and best seller. The rice is wok-fried with fresh vegetables, eggs, spring onions, shrimp, meat, and other special seasonings and ingredients. 

2. Beef Brisket and Wanton Noodles – The thin egg noodles are cooked in a heartwarming, yummy hot soup broth. It is topped with beef brisket packed with mouthwatering and intense flavor, making this noodle more filling and flavorsome. The wanton wrapper, Chinese cabbage, and spring onions laid on it enhance its overall taste and appeal. 

3. Sweet and Sour Pork – Sweet and sour pork is a remarkable flavor of Chinese cuisine loved by the crowd as it creates a wonderful contrast. This cuisine is made with tender and juicy pork cooked in a special sweet and sour sauce that gives this cuisine a glorious look and gratifying taste.

4. Beef with Broccoli Flower – It is a nutritious and delicious cuisine made with tender and aromatic slices of beef and crispy and fresh broccoli flower. The tender slices of beef are placed in the center of the plate, while the broccoli flowers are creatively placed around it. The pieces of flower-shaped carrots on the side make it more eye-catching. 

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5. Roast Pork Asado – A roast specialty dish of Yang Chow where pork is cut into thin slices and braised in a savory, sweet, and umami sauce. It is drizzled with sesame seeds and paired with a special sauce that complements its juiciness, pork-tender texture, and melt-in-your-mouth goodness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Yang Chow offer? 

Chinese is the type of cuisine offered by Yang Chow. 

What are the must-try cuisines at Yang Chow? 

The must-try cuisines at Yang Chow are siomai, pancit canton, sweet and sour cuisines, salt & pepper squid, lumpiang shanghai, and yang chow fried rice. 

Does Yang Chow offer catering packages? 

Yes, it offers personalized and affordable catering services for different kinds of events. 

Does Yang Chow offer promos? 

Yes, Yang Chow offers limited-time promos where you can enjoy discounts and freebies. 

How can I order at Yang Chow for delivery?

You can call the nearest branch to your location or order through their third-party platforms to arrange your orders for delivery. 

Social Media Links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yangchowphilippinesofficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yangchow2.0/?hl=en

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