Zagu Menu Prices

Zagu is one of the beverage brands known by Filipinos, as its stalls or stores are commonly seen in places we frequently visit, such as malls, supermarkets, and roadside locations. Its menu consists of beverages that are pleasing to the palate, refreshingly good, and described as irresistibly different. The flavors of drinks it offers are simple and made by our favorite Filipino desserts, snacks, or delicacies. 

Zagu Menu Philippines Updated

Four Seasons Grande₱ 192.00
Four Seasons Regular₱ 135.00
Melon Grande₱ 134.00
Melon Regular₱ 96.00
Philippine Mango Grande₱ 202.00
Philippine Mango Regular₱ 141.00
Strawberry Grande₱ 134.00
Strawberry Regular₱ 96.00
Watermelon Grande₱ 134.00
Watermelon Regular₱ 96.00
Photo Credit: ZAGU Facebook Page
Buko Pandan Grande₱ 134.00
Buko Pandan Regular₱ 96.00
Fruit Salad Grande₱ 148.00
Fruit Salad Regular₱ 112.00
Halo-Halo Grande₱ 144.00
Halo-Halo Regular₱ 111.00
Quezo Royale Grande₱ 134.00
Quezo Royale Regular₱ 96.00
Taro Grande₱ 134.00
Taro Regular₱ 96.00
Ube Grande₱ 134.00
Ube Regular₱ 96.00
Zagu’T Gulaman Grande₱ 120.00
Zagu’T Gulaman Regular₱ 102.00
Photo Credit: ZAGU Facebook Page
Photo Credit: ZAGU Facebook Page
Caffe Latte Grande₱ 134.00
Caffe Latte Regular₱ 96.00
Hazelnut Cappuccino Grande₱ 134.00
Hazelnut Cappuccino Regular₱ 96.00
Pearl Milk Tea Grande₱ 134.00
Pearl Milk Tea Regular₱ 96.00
Black Forest Grande₱ 134.00
Black Forest Regular₱ 96.00
Chocolate Regular Grande₱ 134.00
Chocolate Regular Regular₱ 96.00
Cookies And Cream Grande₱ 134.00
Cookies And Cream Regular₱ 96.00
Photo Credit: ZAGU Facebook Page


The first Zagu store opened in April 1999 after months of experimenting, planning, and creating product samples. The background knowledge of its owner in food science helped her create delicious beverages that people will love. Its dedicated employees always put its customers first and strive to achieve excellence to serve people with the best products and services. 

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Zagu Menu Best Seller 

The best sellers of Zagu consist of classic beverages inspired by all-time Filipino favorite snacks and desserts. These drinks are refreshing, visually appealing, and simply gratifying, so you will surely love them and return for more. 

1. Buko Pandan – A refreshing pearl shake beverage where young coconut milk is blended with pandan. The chewy and tender tapioca pearls added to it make each sip fun and satisfying. Its ingredients’ colors, texture, and taste blend perfectly, resulting in a delicious drink. 

2. Chocolate – Chocolate shake is one of the first flavors tried by its first-time customers, as its taste is already familiar to our palate. Its luscious, creamy, and sweet taste makes it a drink that kids prefer. It has chocolatey goodness and the right amount of sweetness that will satisfy your cravings. 

3. Ube – Zagu turned your favorite sweet and creamy ube halaya dessert into an invigorating drink. The coconut undertone flavor of this drink gives a distinctive taste that makes its patrons love it with every sip. It has an aesthetically appealing purple color and rich taste that will surely give you a special treat. 

4. Zagu’t Gulaman – Zagu’t Gulaman is a popular drink known as “Filipino palamig,” commonly seen and sold on the streets, which is why many people are familiar with it. The goodness of this Zagu’t Gulaman shake will refresh your mind and body, making you feel happy and satisfied. The refreshing blend of ice, syrup, and chewy black pearls gives customers an exciting drink, ideal during hot weather. 

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5. Cookies and Cream – Cookies and cream is a shake flavor that most people cannot resist, as it has a gratifying taste. The cookies add a hint of sweetness and crunchy texture, while the vanilla makes it creamy and pleasurable. You can make it more filling and flavorful by adding extras, such as rice krispies, chewy and sweet pearls, and cookie crunch. 


Is Zagu a Filipino brand? 

Yes, Zagu Food Corporation is a Filipino brand. 

What are the flavors offered by Zagu? 

The flavors offered by Zagu are chocolate, coffee and tea, fruit, and other Filipino favorites.

What makes Zagu popular? 

The delicious beverages it offers and its presence in malls nationwide make Zagu popular.  

Does Zagu offer a dealership? 

Yes, Zagu offers dealerships, giving Filipinos a business opportunity with a good return on investment.  

Does Zagu offer party packages for different kinds of events? 

Zagu offers party packages for different events, such as birthdays, weddings, and christenings. 

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