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Prepare to embark on a culinary journey like no other as we explore the culinary wonderland in Escolta, that invites you to enjoy in an international buffet experience that transcends boundaries. Join me in uncovering the treasures of Escolta’s menu—a symphony of global flavors that promises to elevate your dining escapade to new heights.

Escolta Menu Philippines Updated

Escolta Mon-Sat Lunch(12:00 Pm To 2:50 Pm)₱ 2,600.00 Per Adult₱ 1,300.00 Per Child (6-12)
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Escolta Sunday Brunch(12:00 Pm To 3:00 Pm)₱ 3,500.00 Per Adult₱ 1,750.00 Per Child (6-12)
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Escolta Mon-Sun Dinner(6:00 Pm To 10:30 Pm)₱ 3002.00
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Escolta Daily Breakfast(6:30 Am To 10:30 Am)₱ 1,700.00 Per Adult₱ 850.00 Per Child (6-12)
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About Escolta

Prepare for a global culinary expedition at Escolta, where the renowned international buffets redefine dining excellence. Experience the artistry of live cooking stations, relish the aroma of home-baked bread, and savor the precision of hand-rolled sushi. From the savory allure of charcuterie to the comforting flavors of Filipino classics, Escolta’s ‘farm-to-table’ concept guarantees freshness in every bite. Whether it’s fresh pastas, Chinese noodles, or artisanal ice creams, Escolta promises a symphony of flavors that transcends borders and elevates the dining experience to a new zenith.

Escolta’s Menu Best Seller

At Escolta, there are numerous main dishes that you can choose from. It varies from pork up to different types of beef and seafood dishes. Join me in discovering the extraordinary flavors that define Escolta’s culinary mastery, presenting a compelling invitation for all food lovers to enjoy these must-try dishes.

  • Ricotta Baked Cheese Cake – Immerse your palate in the divine creaminess of the Ricotta Baked Cheesecake – a symphony of velvety ricotta and decadent flavors that redefine dessert experience.
  • Atlantic Salmon – Succulent and perfectly grilled, the Atlantic Salmon is a seafood masterpiece that promises an amazing burst of freshness with every forkful. A true oceanic treat.
  • Angus New York Steak – Elevate your dining experience with the Angus New York Steak – a food lover’s dream come true. A flavor explosion that’s a must try as it leaves a lasting impression for its juicy, tender, and skillfully grilled meat to perfection.
  • Moroccan-Style Chicken Tagine – Transport your senses to the exotic with the Moroccan-Style Chicken Tagine. This dish is a culinary adventure that enthralls and satisfies with every bite thanks to a harmonious blend of spices and tender chicken.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are reservations required for dining at Escolta?

While walk-ins are welcome, especially for spontaneous cravings, reservations are recommended for guaranteed seating, especially during peak hours. For reservations, contact them at

What is Escolta operating hours?

  • Daily – Breakfast – 6:30 am to 10:30 am
  • Monday to Saturday – Lunch – 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm
  • Monday to Sunday – Dinner – 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm
  • Sunday – Brunch – 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Where is Escolta located?

Ground floor, Makati Tower

Is there a specific dress code in Escolta?

Yes, Casual wear is highly recommended.

What is the ‘farm-to-table’ concept at Escolta?

Using fresh and locally sourced ingredients in their recipes is a key component of Escolta’s ‘farm-to-table’ concept. This commitment to quality ensures that diners experience the vibrant flavors of ingredients harvested at their peak, contributing to the exceptional taste and freshness of each dish.

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