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Our days get better when our minds and body are refreshed, and one of the ways to make your day brighter is by drinking delicious and healthy beverages. The menu of Fruitas consists of drinks packed with vitamins and minerals and immunity-boosting properties. With these drinks, you will be able to get your daily dose of essential nutrients to keep yourself hydrated in a natural way. 

Fruitas Menu Philippines Updated

Fruitas Super Summer Avocado Shake 16Oz₱ 139.00
Fruitas Super Summer Mango Shake 16Oz₱ 139.00
Photo Credit: Fruitas Facebook Page
Fruitas Apple Shake₱ 89.00
Fruitas Banana Shake₱ 89.00
Fruitas Buko Shake₱ 89.00
Fruitas Carrot Shake₱ 89.00
Fruitas Lychee Shake₱ 89.00
Fruitas Mango Shake₱ 89.00
Fruitas Melon Shake₱ 89.00
Fruitas Pineapple Shake₱ 89.00
Fruitas Sweet Corn Shake₱ 89.00
Fruitas Watermelon Shake₱ 89.00
Photo Credit: Fruitas Facebook Page
Fruitas Mango + Apple Smoothie₱ 89.00
Fruitas Mango + Banana Smoothie₱ 89.00
Fruitas Mango + Carrot Smoothie₱ 91.00
Fruitas Mango + Melon Smoothie₱ 90.00
Fruitas Mango + Pineapple Smoothie₱ 91.00
Photo Credit: Fruitas Facebook Page
Fruitas Avocado Shake₱ 109.00
Fruitas Guyabano Shake₱ 109.00
Fruitas Kiwi Shake₱ 109.00
Fruitas Orange Shake₱ 109.00
Fruitas Strawberry Shake₱ 109.00
Photo Credit: Fruitas Facebook Page
Jamaican Pattie Beef Pinatubo₱ 85.00
Jamaican Pattie Beefy Mushroom₱ 85.00
Jamaican Pattie Beefy Tomato₱ 85.00
Jamaican Pattie Cheezy Beef₱ 85.00
Jamaican Pattie Cheezy Beef Pinatubo₱ 85.00
Jamaican Pattie Cheezy Beefy Tomato₱ 85.00
Jamaican Pattie Cheezy Tuna₱ 85.00
Jamaican Pattie Chicken Stew₱ 85.00
Jamaican Pattie De Original Beef₱ 85.00
Jamaican Pattie Spicy Tuna₱ 85.00
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Fruitas Mango Caramel Dessert Shake 16Oz₱ 131.00
Fruitas Mango Graham Dessert Shake 16Oz₱ 130.00
Photo Credit: Fruitas Facebook Page
Fruitas Autumn Smoothie₱ 119.00
Fruitas Banana & Mango₱ 119.00
Fruitas Melon & Mango₱ 119.00
Fruitas Spring Smoothie₱ 119.00
Fruitas Summer Smoothie₱ 119.00
Fruitas Winter Smoothie₱ 119.00
Photo Credit: Fruitas Facebook Page
Fruitas Coco Milko 1L₱ 149.00
Fruitas Coco Milko 500Ml₱ 85.00
Fruitas Coco Pandan 500Ml₱ 85.00
Fresh Fruit Lemon Juice 500Ml₱ 90.00
Fresh Fruit Melon Juice 500Ml₱ 94.00
Fruitas Fresh Apple Juice 500Ml₱ 93.00
Fruitas Fresh Guyabano Juice 500Ml₱ 92.00
Fruitas Fresh Ripe Mango Juice 500Ml₱ 91.00
Fruitas Fresh Watermelon Juice 500Ml₱ 94.00
Photo Credit: Fruitas Facebook Page

About Fruitas 

Fruitas is known for the natural shakes and juices made from fresh and real fruits. It is founded by Lester Yu to serve people affordable, healthy, and refreshing drinks. On February 1, 2002, it opened its first outlet at SM Manila, and today it has more than 700 stalls nationwide, which is made possible by its strategic business system and franchise program. 

Fruitas Menu Best Seller

These are the best-selling flavorful beverages of Fruitas, loved by the crowd for their healthy and refreshing goodness. The tropical symphony of these drinks and their power to boost immunity makes them stimulating and enjoyable. 

1. Fruitas Mango Shake – It is the best-selling beverage of Fruitas and the most favorite and highly recommended of its customers, as the sweetness of Mango satisfies each sip. It is made with Philippine mangoes, known and loved for its sweet taste, making it an ideal drink during hot weather. 

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2. Fruitas Watermelon Shake – Watermelon is a hydrating fruit consisting of 92 percent water and is one of the crowds’ favorite fruits enjoyed in summer because it is simply invigorating. With this flavorful watermelon shake of Fruitas, you will be able to keep yourself energized and hydrated. 

3. Fruitas Green Mango Shake – From its visually appealing green color to its sweet and tangy taste, this green mango shake is truly refreshing. The fresh mango flavors of this shake will give you a delicious treat that will freshen you up and make you feel good. 

4. Fruitas Mango + Banana Smoothie – Fresh mangoes and bananas are blended perfectly in this delicious smoothie. The combination of these fruits results in a healthy and delicious drink that will boost your mood, making you active and more productive. The flavors of its ingredients blend harmoniously, resulting in a nutritious and delicious treat. 

5. Fruitas Coconut Juice – A clean, cool, and refreshing on-the-go drink that you can enjoy anywhere. This bottled coconut juice is healthy and good for the body, as it is made with 100% fresh, pure, and raw buko juice with a naturally sweet flavor. Aside from the antioxidants, it is also filled with electrolytes, making it one of the great beverages you can add to your wellness routine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fruitas a Filipino brand? 

Yes, Fruitas is a Filipino brand. 

What are the products offered by Fruitas? 

The products offered by Fruitas are one-fruit shakes, two-fruit smoothies, seasonal fruit special, four seasons, dessert shakes, fresh fruit juices, and ready-to-drink juices. 

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Can I customize my beverage at Fruitas? 

Fruitas does not offer customization features for its products. 

Are the products offered by Fruitas healthy? 

Yes, the products offered by Fruitas are healthy as they are packed with essential nutrients, such as vitamins and antioxidants. 

Can I book Fruitas’ cart and products for events? 

Yes, you can book Fruitas cart and products for different events. 

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