Krispy Kreme Menu Prices

From the sweet crisp of every bite and the soothing smell of their coffee, who can say no to the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts? The Krispy Kreme menu, with its signature crispy glazed donuts, has effortlessly captured the hearts of everyone who has tried it, enticing them to keep coming back for more.

Krispy Kreme Menu Philippines Updated

Iced Coffee Of The Month₱ 130.00
Original Weekend Treat₱ 399.00
Box Of 6 Kitkat Doughnuts₱ 449.00
Box Of 6 Mixed Kitkat Doughnuts₱ 359.00
Double Dozen Assorted Doughnuts₱ 1435.00
Double Dozen Kitkat Doughnuts₱ 1795.00
Dozen Kitkat Doughnuts₱ 899.00
Mixed Dozen Kitkat Doughnuts₱ 719.00
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Double Dozen Assorted Doughnuts₱ 1025.00
Double Dozen Mixed Doughnuts₱ 905.00
Double Dozen Original Glazed® Doughnuts₱ 810.00
One Dozen Assorted Doughnuts₱ 635.00
One Dozen Mixed Doughnuts₱ 535.00
One Dozen Original Glazed® Doughnuts₱ 435.00
Box Of 6 Mixed Doughnuts₱ 295.00
Box Of 6 Original Glazed® Doughnuts₱ 235.00
Box Of 6 Premium Assorted₱ 355.00
Box Of 6 Regular Assorted₱ 325.00
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Iced White Mocha₱ 155.00
Kremey Iced₱ 110.00
Kremey Latte₱ 145.00
Kremey Og₱ 135.00
Kremey Toffee₱ 135.00
Lemonade Iced Tea₱ 80.00
Original Lemonade₱ 80.00
Sea Salt Kreme Latte₱ 155.00
Signature Cold Brew₱ 125.00
Signature Iced Americano₱ 130.00
Signature Iced Cappuccino₱ 145.00
Signature Iced Caramel₱ 155.00
Signature Iced Classic₱ 110.00
Signature Iced Glazed₱ 145.00
Signature Iced Kaffe Kreme₱ 155.00
Signature Iced Latte₱ 145.00
Signature Iced Mocha₱ 155.00
Strawberry Lemonade₱ 95.00
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Caramel Latte Chiller With Espresso₱ 175.00
Caramel Latte Chiller Without Espresso₱ 175.00
Chocolate Chocolate Chiller₱ 175.00
Coffee Jelly Chiller₱ 175.00
Cookies & Kreme Chiller₱ 175.00
Iced Blend Chiller (16Oz)₱ 175.00
Milk Choco Chiller₱ 175.00
Mixed Berry Chiller 16Oz₱ 219.00
Mocha Latte Chiller₱ 175.00
Original Kreme Chiller With Espresso₱ 175.00
Original Kreme Chiller Without Espresso₱ 175.00
Strawberry Kreme Chiller₱ 175.00
White Chocolate Chocolate Chiller₱ 175.00
White Mocha Chiller₱ 175.00
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Frozen Lemonade Iced Tea₱ 109.00
Frozen Original Lemonade₱ 109.00
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade₱ 120.00
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Customized Doughnut Cake Tower (Acrylic Board Type)₱ 3449.00
Customized Doughnut Cake Tower (Sintra Board Type)₱ 2989.00
Doughnut Cake Tower (Acrylic Board Type)₱ 2989.00
Doughnut Cake Tower (Sintra Board Type)₱ 2299.00
Happy Celebrations Kit A₱ 175.00
Happy Celebrations Kit B₱ 229.00
Happy Celebrations Kit C₱ 335.00
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Klean Kanteen X Krispy Kreme₱ 2599.00
Lazy Sunday X Krispy Kreme₱ 1100.00
Parkland X Krispy Kreme Bundle₱ 5000.00
Parkland X Krispy Kreme Fergie Belt Bag₱ 1600.00
Parkland X Krispy Kreme Kingston Backpack₱ 2500.00
Parkland X Krispy Kreme Lookout Duffle Bag₱ 1800.00
Rastaclat X Krispy Kreme₱ 1599.00
Royalty X Krispy Kreme Fanny Pack In Classic Denim₱ 720.00
Royalty X Krispy Kreme Fanny Pack In Deep Blue And Red₱ 720.00
Royalty X Krispy Kreme Letterman Varsity Jacket₱ 2600.00
Skoop X Krispy Kreme₱ 999.00
Eat Kk Shirt₱ 410.00
Glazed Shirt₱ 260.00
Klean Kanteen Classic Insulated Bottle 12 Oz.₱ 1550.00
Klean Kanteen Classic Insulated Bottle 20 Oz.₱ 2450.00
Krispy Kreme Bull Cap₱ 315.00
Krispy Kreme Dotted Mug₱ 315.00
Krispy Kreme Dotted Tumbler With Straw₱ 345.00
Original Shirt₱ 260.00
Original Shirt₱ 365.00
So Freakin’ Shirt₱ 400.00

About Krispy Kreme

From selling to local groceries store in Winston-Salem, North Carolina to venturing into the world, Indeed Krispy Kreme has seriously got its way into being one of the top Donut Companies in the house. Celebrating 80 years of its operation, Krispy Kreme continuously strives for perfection.

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Donuts have always been part of our usual cravings but what separates Krispy Kreme Doughnuts from other markets is their heartfelt dedication to achieve perfection in every donut they serve.

No magic but pure consistency; their dedication to preparing the yeasty dough which is molded into perfect rings using the company’s freeze air-pressurized extruder and then proofed for around 30 minutes is what is behind the success of their 80 years in making donuts.

But what makes Krispy Kreme special is not just donuts but its wide range of available coffee which is made out of the finest coffee beans sourced from Australia’s leading coffee bean roaster. One of their best-selling coffee is their signature latte which is perfect to partner with their original glazed donuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Krispy Kreme originate?

Krispy Kreme opened its stores in Winston-Salem, North Carolina founded by Vernon Rudolph on July 13, 1937. They started to sell at local grocery stores which became the start of their 80 years of success in the industry.

What type of cuisine does Krispy Kreme serve?

They offer a wide range of glazed donuts and coffees, they are also known for their signature drinks and original glazed donuts.

Does Krispy Kreme have an Online Delivery Page?

Yes, they offer delivery services available in Metro Manila and selected provinces. You can visit their website at

Does Krispy Kreme give free donuts for birthdays?

Yes, Krispy Kreme has been giving away free donuts to every birthday celebrant who is a member of Krispy Kreme Rewards.

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What is the nearest Krispy Kreme Store near me?

Since 2006, Krispy Kreme has opened 102 branches in the Philippines, in order to know the nearest branch in your area you can visit and see all their available branches nationwide.

Is Krispy Kreme HALAL certified?

Yes. The Halal Accreditation Authority has permitted Krispy Kreme Philippines to operate under its Halal Certification.

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