Sweet Claire Menu Prices

Hey fellow foodies! Looking for a place to satisfy your sweet tooth? Look no further and get ready to embark on a sweet adventure at “Sweet Claire.” This hidden gem is not just a bakery, but a heaven full of delectable surprises. From irresistible pastries to mouthwatering desserts, Sweet Claire has perfected the art of sweetness. Join me as we explore the heavenly creations that make this spot a dessert lover’s paradise. Brace yourselves for a journey filled with sugary treats that will leave you craving more.

Sweet Claire Menu Philippines Updated

Cream Puff Choco₱ 45.00
Cream Puff Original₱ 45.00
Photo Credit: Sweet Clair Facebook Page
French Macarons₱ 45.00
French Macaroons₱ 46.00
Photo Credit: Sweet Clair Facebook Page
Solo Blueberry₱ 182.00
Solo Choco Craze₱ 182.00
Solo Crumble Caramel₱ 182.00
Solo Fragaria₱ 182.00
Solo Hazelnut₱ 182.00
Solo Java₱ 182.00
Solo Mango Creme₱ 182.00
Solo Pure Delight₱ 182.00
Solo Sansrival₱ 182.00
Solo Sweet Claire₱ 182.00
Solo Trianon₱ 182.00
Photo Credit: Sweet Clair Facebook Page
Blueberry₱ 529.00
Crumble Caramel₱ 429.00
Fragaria₱ 455.00
Mango Creme₱ 455.00
Sansrival₱ 455.00
Photo Credit: Sweet Clair Facebook Page
Choco Craze₱ 1,169.00
Crumble Caramel₱ 774.00
Hazelnut₱ 878.00
Java₱ 878.00
Mango Creme₱ 800.00
Pure Delight₱ 1,169.00
Sansrival₱ 943.00
Trianon₱ 1,169.00
Photo Credit: Sweet Clair Facebook Page

About Sweet Claire

Established in 2016, Sweet Claire has evolved into an amazing French haven where sweetness and elegance beautifully intertwine. With a stellar 4.6-star rating on Facebook, it’s a popular spot celebrated for mouthwatering cakes and pastries. Beyond taste, the artful presentation of their baked goods enhances the overall experience. Sweet Claire, under the guidance of Chef Laurence, currently boasts branches in both Laguna and Batangas. Excitingly, Sweet Claire has ambitious plans for extensive expansion, aiming to bring its fusion of elegance and sweetness to new locations across the country.

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Sweet Claire’s Menu Best Seller

Immerse your senses as we embark on an amazing journey into the heart of Sweet Claire’s Menu Best Seller! Let’s dive into the sweetness that defines this culinary gem, where every treat is a masterpiece waiting to captivate your palate.

  • Creampuff – Each bite unveils a cloud-like pastry filled with luscious cream—a heavenly treat for those craving a perfect balance of sweetness. Indeed, a must-try!
  • Trianon Cake – Immerse in the melt-in-your-mouth goodness and unforgettable flavors of Sweet Claire’s Trianon Cake. Layers of decadent perfection await, creating a dessert experience that will linger in your memory.
  • Blueberry cake – Sweet Claire’s Blueberry Cake is a burst of fruity bliss! Don’t miss the chance to try this perfect union of moist cake and vibrant blueberries—an exciting symphony of flavors that will surely leave you craving more.
  • Crumble Caramel Cake – Savor the richness of Sweet Claire’s Crumble Caramel Cake. With its irresistible caramel drizzle and crumbly texture, each slice promises a sweet journey that satisfies even the most discerning palate.
  • French Macaroons – Transport yourself to Paris with Sweet Claire’s French Macaroons. Delicate, colorful, and irresistibly scrumptious, these macarons promise a taste of France in every bite—an elegant treat for the refined sweet tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sweet Claire located?

Sweet Claire is situated in Mypa Building D. Silang Street, Batangas, Calabarzon, Philippines, providing a sweet destination for those in search of French-inspired culinary treats.

What makes Sweet Claire unique?

Sweet Claire is a French haven where sweetness and elegance converge. Known for its delectable cakes, pastries, and gourmet offerings, it stands out not only for taste but also for the beautiful presentation of its products.

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How can I reach out to Sweet Claire?

You can reach them out through their social media pages or their phone number (0943-425-4874)

Can I order for pick-up and delivery in Sweet Claire?

Yes, you can book your own third-party pick-up and delivery services that are available in your area. The Sweet Claire is also available via FoodPanda.

Does Sweet Claire offer promos and time-limited offers?

Yes, Sweet Claire occasionally offers specials, promos, and time-limited offers. Follow and stay tuned to their social media pages listed below for updates.

Social Media Pages

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sweetclairepatisseries

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sweetclairepatisseries

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